Who should become the Prime Minister of India in the upcoming general elections: Narendra Modi (no) or Rahul Gandhi (yes)?

Asked by: Hafeez
  • Rahul Gandhi would be better.

    I feel that Rahul Gandhi would make a better Prime Minister of India than Narendra Modi would. This is because Rahul Gandhi is younger and would bring new ideas to the country. Although Modi has a bit more experience than Gandhi, I really feel that Gandhi would modernize the country in a way that Modi wouldn't.

  • Narendra Modi is a genocide orchestrating murderer

    There is considerable evidence of the fact that the murderous response to the 2002 Gujarat riots was anchored by the state machinery under the orders under the orders of Narendra Modi.
    Now, a person being touted as the next PM of India CANNOT be a religious zealot. Considering the wide variety of religions in India, having a Hindu fanatic as a national figure, apart from being insensitive to the religious minorities, is positively catastrophic for the country as a whole. What we need, is a leader that handles thecommunal situations intelligently, who de-emphasizes religion in the state.
    Sadly, Narendra Modi isn’t one of them.

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