Who was a better president -- JFK (yes) or Reagan (no)? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • JFK was better.

    He diffused perhaps the most life threatening crisis in history. He breathed new life into Civil Rights despite not being able to see its fruition. He presided over an economy that during the short period of time he was in office, showed growth that was as strong as that under Reagan. Reagan presided over a huge deficit increase and watched our debt triple. I would give this one to Kennedy.

  • The Gipper Rocks!

    JFK cannot be considered a better president, as he blatantly violated the Constitution and executive power in order to push his agenda forward. Ronald Reagan upheld his responsibilities to the fullest and made America a better country.

    While Kennedy made small talk and little effect on the Cold War, Ronald Reagan brought down Communism, in a nutshell. He changed America in a good way, by exciting free market capitalism, rejuvenating the economy, and fighting for working Americans in the decent way: through the encouragement of self-reliance and honest work.

    Reagan truly was the better president.

  • Reagan was better!

    JFK embarrassed the nation with the Bay of Pigs fiasco. I know everyone thinks that JFK was a hero of the Civil Rights movement, but the fact is he was really quite moderate in regards to Civil Rights feeling that Martin Luther King and the rest were moving a little to fast. Reagan was instrumental in bringing the Cold War to an end. He refused to be pushed around by the Soviet Union or anyone else for that matter. He gave Americans their pride back after two decades of social, political, and military upheaval. He was someone who Americans knew they could rely on. I say Reagan was definitely a better president.

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