• An idiot or a bigger idiot?

    Naruto I can at least respect somewhat, for his endless persistence and unshakable will. Sasuke has a ducks rear end attached to the back of his head. All in all, Naruto is a loud, obnoxious, annoying troublemaker with a penchant for bad luck, while Sasuke is an arrogant, self-absorbed, coward with the dumbest looking hair after Trump.
    So in short, Naruto.

  • (naruto is yes sasuke is no) NARUTO!!!

    I just like him better. No other reason... Plus the rasengan looks cool, better than the chidori at least. And i dont like sasuke's hair. Im not very good at stating facts, ami I? Oh well.... This is my first thing on this website, so i dont really care. So anyway...NARUTO IS BETTER!!!!!!

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