Who's the REAL chimp: Bush (yes) or Obama (no)?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Bush is an Idiot, and Obama isn't Much Better.

    I believe that Bush is by far one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had. Obama did a few things for this country, but not as much as he promised. We haven't had a really good president since JFK, and he got shot before he could do anything he really wanted to.

  • Bush is a chimp only because he's an idiot. Obama is a snake.

    50 words, huh?
    Bush: tyrant, puppet, warmonger, businessman first, liar,
    Obama: tyrant, warmonger, diplomat for bankers and thieves, slick liar, highly practiced and refined speech deliverer

    The tree of liberty will be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and TYRANTS.

    Let's begin this revolution by gathering as many people as possible to seeing the actions of politicians before listening to the disguised propaganda that reaches into many of our bedrooms.

  • Bush quite obviously.

    First of all one of the big factors for Bush being elected was his fathers presidency.
    Bush was a staunch republican who gave the wealthiest people in the country tax breaks, protecting them but hurting the economy and everyone else. He was a uneducated man who wrecked this country, sent it to the brink of economic despair and leaving it a ticking time-bomb, allowing the blame to fall on his predecessor. On the other hand Obama worked his hands to the bone trying to revive the country and pass new legislation but failed only because the republican controlled congress refused to budge, thus allowing the economy to further spiral out of control.

  • Two Of The Worst Presidents Of All Time, Traitor Bush and Commie Obama.

    Both have been called chimp, both have destroyed America beyond belief, but which one was worse?

    • Bush had scandals, Obama has so many there's a new one popping up every week.

    • Bush killed innocents in two wars approved by Congress. Obama killed innocents in eight sovereign nations with the approval of nobody, including 12 American citizens.

    • Bush tried to keep convicted felons from voting. Obama tried to make sure illegal aliens COULD vote.

    • Bush was dumb. Obama doesn't have that excuse, he's just plain evil.

    • Bush put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. So does Obama.

    • Bush put his party ahead of America. So does Obama.

    • Bush acted like a chimp. Obama actually IS a chimp.

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