Why are transgender people discriminated in public places and housing and employment and why are transgender people sometimes evicted from their apartments?

Asked by: bolton_bear
Why are transgender people discriminated in public places and housing and employment and why are transgender people sometimes evicted from their apartments?
  • This is not a Yes or no question

    Anyway the people on the no side say that transgenders are discriminated against, so I guess yes means no with liberals, which makes a whole lot more sense than you think. Either way transgenders are none of the above so this is a fruitless topic, There cannot be a reason for something happening if that thing is not happening.

  • It's awful that it happens, but your question is not a debate topic.

    For your question to be a debate topic, it would have to ask for a 'yes' or 'no' answer that posters could argue for.

    There are multiple reasons why it happens, though.

    1. Primitive gut feelings

    Humans are apes. We only recently evolved the capacity to think rationally, and even that is a skill that has to be developed deliberately. The more educated a person is, the better they tend to be at overriding their false threat gut feelings. Sadly, most people never learn how to think critically and they believe their false positive 'uh oh' feelings.

    The 'uh oh' feelings are an adaptation that used to help us, but now it mostly makes people act like barbarians. We easily confuse initial discomfort with something that we don't understand to be disapproval of a moral wrong. Way back when, if your tribe had found a way to survive and one of its members wanted to try something new, the other members might get an 'uh oh' feeling about that person because trying something new could hinder their ability to survive. It could also make life easier, but we evolved a negativity bias because natural selection merely favors whatever helps a species survive regardless of their happiness or misery.

    2. Tribalism

    Tribalism is another human instinct that used to be helpful and now is mostly a bad thing. People feel more comfortable when they feel like they belong to a group, and an easy way to enhance your sense of belonging is to make an enemy out of someone who doesn't fit in. After all, your similarities to your fellow group members are relative. If you point out a person who is noticeably different, it will make you seem all-the-more similar to your kin.

    3. A drive for aggression

    Some people love an excuse to be cruel. If these people target an already marginalized group, they can have their cake and eat it, too since few will come to their victims' defenses.

    4. Irrational beliefs

    Whether the beliefs came from religion, rumors, misinterpretations, or whatnot, many people believe things that are incorrect. This leads them to make stupid decisions. This is why the more religiously dogmatic you are, the more transphobic you're likely to be and the more educated you are, the less transphobic you're likely to be.

    5. Magical thinking

    Superstitious beliefs exist all over the world for a reason. Your average human being is crazy by default; we perceive things that aren't real because we didn't evolve to be reasonable. I wouldn't be surprised if most people secretly or subconsciously believed in a magical, immutable "gender soul" and perceived transgender people as impostors because they were misrepresenting their magical, sparkly "gender souls." I don't highly of humanity.

  • No. Just No.

    This topic is a WHY question. Not a Yes or No question. I support every adult law abiding human being to discover and live their own destiny by God but this topic question needs to be edited or remade. I am a LGBTQ and have nothing against trannies/transgenders. That's all.

  • Why are transgender people so disrespected?

    Why are transgender people refused service in public places refused an apartment and fired just simply for being transgender and why are transgender people evicted from their apartment just for being transgender? I do not like it it's not fair. Transgender people don't deserve this it's not fair. They need to be respected.

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