Why are voters ignoring Hillary Clinton's Corruption?

Asked by: bp1128
  • Why people ignore Hillary Corruption

    Basing decisions on emotions is the primary reason. Most people never delve into the subjects to their final ends. That is to say that it need only SOUND good to get people to follow it. Know one is looking at exactly what has been said already. The FBI director already stated Hillary lied to congress, multiple times. Because he cannot overpower the Clinton machine, is the only reason he refused to prosecute. He knows as do you, that the Politicians hold all the power and the people serve them, not they the people.
    How else can you blatantly lie in public on National Television and get the mindless to believe what they know is a lie. People make excuses for her. They don't care what happens in Washington they only care about their own lives. Interestingly enough, only AFTER they have lost ALL their Rights will they snap out of it, but alas ..... It will be too late by then.
    Freedom of speech ..... Died when Obama took office ..... You can't say anything that offends anyone anymore... Except Christians of course.
    Most people seem unaware that they HAVE lost the freedom of speech even as we speak here?

    Freedom of religion ....... Died when Obama took office. If your not Atheist or Muslim you are not free to exercise your religion anywhere but in church or at home ..... Or have you not noticed all the Jesus is Lord signs vanishing off bus stops, or ten commandments being pulled from all buildings, or opening prayers being eliminated everywhere.

    Freedom ...... Died when Obama took office. You can no longer refuse to serve who you don't want to as a business owner. If you have religious beliefs you cannot own a business UNLESS you violate your religious beliefs and serve Gays and Lesbians, make their cakes and such. Personally I don't fully understand the concept as providing a cake as a cake business does not mean nor infer agreement with those getting married. God does not forbid the civil treatment of the sinners of the World, He only requires we do not condone the sin itself. This I think is the hard part for most believers. Unlike Jesus, they cannot bring themselves to LOVE the sinner, as they feel it somehow supports the sin. This of course isn't true. You CAN love the sinner and not condone the sin. God has granted man the right of choice. Walk in the World or walk in Him! When each of us stands before God, it is we who shall give account, whether He is Savior or Judge will be solely based on the choice made of your own accord!

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