• Lied under oath

    No one is above the law, this goes for the president as well. He was not a good representative of our country. He hid evidence from investigators. He denied any recollection of what happened between him and Lewinsky. Many other women said, afterwards, that they had sexual relations with the president.

  • Yes, he should have kept his personal life out of the Whitehouse.

    Persons having sex when they should be working expect to be fired, particularly when it is with a subordinate. If in a hotel room, then it would be between Bill and Hillary, but it happened in the Oval Office, and Clinton then perjured himself. Just like anyone else, he should have been fired (actually, he should have had the integrity to resign), and impeachment is the way that a president is fired.

  • High Presidential Standards

    He may have done nothing wrong as a politician, but every country needs a leader. Kids flock to good people for guidance. American citizens do the same thing for political affairs. Obviously. Clinton was not the right choice and should never be looked at when people think about role models. If he was actually smart, he would have concidered his actions before commiting them.

  • Lying to the American Public

    No one should be allowed to lie under oath and get away with it simply because the senate majority was in his favor. The fact that this was his own "personal business" was invalidated when he lied in his deposition for the Jones lawsuit. If anything we should hold the President to a higher standard than we hold ourselves, not the opposite. All of the possibly good things he did as a President were completely undermined by his unfaithfulness to his wife with an intern of the United States Government. It is impossible to trust a president who can't even keep his pants on.

  • Not worth it

    He was a great president. He made an EXCELLENT buisness plan for the nation and gave us a booming economy again and we were getting better as a nation. His scandal had nothing to do with the nation, just himself as an individual. Now, if he affected the nation with his scandal then maybe but he didnt have an affair with me now did he.

  • Clinton's love life had no bearing on his public policy and has no place in the impeachment debate.

    Since the beginning of civilized history leaders have had mistresses and affairs. The prevailing wisdom as always been that regarding a leader's love life and their professional/political life, one has nothing to do with the other. It is nobody's business what goes on in their bedroom. This issue is one that makes headlines for the media and gives a reason for Republicans to beat their chests. It has been a huge waste of time and takes attention away from the real issues.

  • No, he shouldn't have

    While Bill made it pretty clear he's not Husband Of The Year material, he still did his job very well (to the point the GOP would concede he did) and the risk/reward of impeaching him for his actions would have been stupid. Thankfully that was the sentiment shared by enough for it to not happen.

  • No, President Clinton's personal relations should not have taken up so much of our time.

    President Clinton's personal relations should not have taken up so much of our time as a nation. We should have been focused on more important things at that time. He should not have been impeached because of a private matter, this matter should have been settled within his family and not have taken up our nations time.

  • Clinton's personal life has no bearing on public policy, therefore his love life has no place in an impeachment debate.

    Since the beginning of civilized history heads of state have had affairs and mistresses. The common wisdom is that one does not have anything to do with the other and this happens with conservative politicians as well as progressive. It is not my business, nor anyone's business what goes on in someone else's bedroom. This was a tempest in a teapot that gave the media headlines and something that Republicans could beat their chests about.

  • No, he did nothing Presidentially wrong.

    As a husband, yes, he was wrong. As a father, he set a poor example of how to be a husband. As President, he lied about a personal affair he had with an intern, but then made a public apology. Perhaps he should have been fined for perjury, but did not commit anything worthy of impeachment. His only crimes were of a personal nature, and in no way affected his job as President or his commitment to the American people.

  • Clinton's crimes were far too minor and uncompromising of national safety to warrant impeachment.

    In Article II, Section IV of the Constitution, it states that a President may be brought up on impeachment charges for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Clinton's case was a civil case, and thus his various counts of perjury don't fall under this description. Yes, while it can be argued that it was a direct violation of public trust and the law as well as the fact that that particular section of the Constitution is not the soul grounds for impeachment, Clinton's case did nothing to directly endangered the country in any way, shape, or form, and thus did not deserve impeachment.

  • What he did did not have to do with being president.

    What Bill Clinton did should have been something that he discussed privately with his family and not something played out in front of the nation. The republicans were intent on getting rid of him the moment he was elected and if this was someone else the house would have tried to cover it up. The American people were not affected by this and should have appreciated the economic surplus that was going on during Clinton's term.

  • Bill Clinton the person and Bill Clinton the president are two different people.

    He may have been lacking ethically in terms of his personal life, but he did amazing things as a president for the good of the American people. There is no reason to connect the two. Nobody is perfect. In fact, just in terms of being unfaithful, 50% of males in America cheat and 33% of females cheat. Bill Clinton is not alone and you shouldn't act like he is.

  • President Clinton did not deserve being impeached.

    While President Clinton did do things wrong in office and had moral shortcomings I believe that he was too good of a President to be impeached. He presided over a huge surplus and initiate huge policies to help the USA. He was a big part of our economic expansion as well.

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