Wikileaks drops latest Guccifer 2.0 data on Hillary Clinton, DNC, Democrats. Should Wikileaks be indicted?

  • Wikileaks should be indicted

    The company Wikileaks should be indicted. It has frequently published classified information that has breached national security. Although they claim it is in the name of full disclosure, people should be allowed to speak freely in meetings without fear of it becoming public. Recently, the company has published data in an effort to influence the election and embarrass Hillary Clinton. There are also allegations Wikileaks is working with Russia.

  • Yes, Wikileaks should be indicted.

    Wikileaks should be indicted for publishing hacked (stolen) data from individuals and organizations. Any theft of data is wrong, no matter how the data was obtained. If Wikileaks can be served with an indictment, then the organization should be indicted. Those responsible for publishing stolen data should be prosecuted and held responsible for their crimes.

  • Yes, Wikileaks should be indicted.

    Yes, Wikileaks should be indicted because they are breaking the law by posting private information for the world to see. Wikileaks is basically a criminal organization. Saying that, Wikileaks will probably never be indicted because they haven't been indicted to this point. Julian Assange will never face the judicial system in the United States.

  • Wikileaks is not entirely responsible for USA's and other countries' failure in the terms of national security.

    Wikileaks is a perfect example of how fragile and weak is USA's national securities so we should focus in improvising our securities. However, it would help our corrupted politicians so we need to indict them first before wikileaks. Besides, wikileaks' leak of DNC, Hilliary's emails and Soros just show how corrupted our system is.

    The irony thing is wikileaks aren't the only group that had our national security-level files. Russia, China, and other countries have our files, too.

  • They are exposing how corrupt the country is.

    The only thing the info they are releasing is good for is our country. They are exposing the corrupt politicians and none of it is putting America at risk. Americans should be thanking WikiLeaks for releasing it, the only people who want them indicted are the people how shut their eyes and plug their ears at Hillary's corruption. Bernie was right about it all along, the election is rigged and Hillary is corrupt. This proves what he was saying, and it helps Americans, it does not put the country at risk. Furthermore, if they can find the information, it shows that hackers in other countries likely have it as well, and this will put more precautions on security.

  • It's a valuable service.

    People want to know what is going on in the world. They don't want corruption. They want their leaders to be honest and tell the truth. Wikileaks is doing a great public service in that regard. It's hard to fault them for letting people know what they ought to know in the first place.

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