WikiLeaks hacked Democratic National Convention: did the DNC show bias toward Hillary?

  • Yes, the DNC showed bias toward Hillary.

    The hacked Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks prove that the party showed bias toward Hillary Clinton's campaign. The emails show that top party officials worked on behalf of Hillary to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Sanders long complained of unfair treatment by the DNC during his presidential campaign. These emails prove that Sanders was correct about being treated unfairly.

  • Yes they did show bias.

    It is difficult to comment too much politically, given how sensitive it is. But yes the leaks suggest that the DNC did show bias toward Hillary. However politics is a messy game and so it should come as no surprise to anybody that this is the case. The people being biased want what is best for their country which is why they would have behaved in that way, doesn't make it right, but that is how politics works.

  • They really did

    It's quite obvious that the DNC had a bias towards Hillary Clinton based on the comments that were made in the emails. Even so that does not mean that the results of the primary were skewed. The electorate chose the candidate of their choosing. Their was no ballot rigging. It just shows you that everyone has an opinion on everything.

  • Yes, WikiLeaks showed bias during the hacking of the DNC

    The recent hacking of the DNC emails did should bias to the candidates, both Hillary and Bernie Sanders. It was revealed in the emails that there was bias toward Bernie in many of the comments by the leaders of the DNC. And it was a major blow to Hillary to be swept into another email scandals that damaged her candidacy.

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