Will advance in 3D printing technology lead to cheaper prosthetics that would be available to more people and animals?

  • Yes, 3D printing technology will lead to more accessibility for all

    Advancement in 3D printing technology will allow individuals to access prosthetics which are not cost prohibitive as the new technology provides a significantly less expensive method to produce said prosthetics. As children grow, and statistics reveal that prosthetics are more consistently damaged by children and youth, frequent repairs and or new purchases become cost prohibitive for their families. With the advancement of 3d printing technology not only will prosthetics become more accessible to individuals and their families, the materials that are compatible with 3d printing technology will also allow for a better and more comfortable fit for the recipient of the prosthetic.

  • Yes, the advance in 3D printing will lead to cheaper prosthetics.

    The advance in 3D printing will lead to cheaper prosthetic devices because they will become more accessible, and with the rise in the supply, the cost will go down. Anyone who has the ability to 3D print could then make a prosthetic so people do not need to buy from expensive medical technology companies, meaning they are more easily available because the cost would be less.

  • Yes, 3D printing technology already is making cheaper, more custom prosthetics available to people and animals.

    Yes, 3D printing has enabled wonderful strides in the field of prosthetics. They are now more affordable and more readily available for adults, children and animals all around the world. This is a great use of 3D printing and as this technology grows, more and more people will be able to get needed prosthetics more cheaply.

  • Time is on our side

    Technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. With technology, a whole host of branches are meant, including the fastest evolving one, medicine. In the future, we'll be able to create limbs, grow limbs, prosthetic or in the flesh, and it will be amazing. Speaking in today's terms though, hopefully in the next few years there will be significant advances in prosthetics that will allow more people the opportunity to have the experience of a limb.

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