Will Africa ever flourish like it once did?

Asked by: SegBeg
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  • Humanitarian Organizations Fail

    In all honesty Africa itself has just been a shit-show throughout history. They started off with ravenous tribes that murdered and razed villages. Then it went to the whole process of slavery and kidnapping that fucked the country for centuries. Then we had the peaceful times in which Africa was recovering from its lifetime in hell. After that we had the rebellions, people were fighting against the government and creating factions but they killed everything in their way. Now Africa is just suffering from starvation, disease and war. These humanitarian organizations seem like they are helping but in reality they cannot get in the continent. It is a lot more dangerous than it used to be and the Africans are very wary of foreigners. In reality Africa will always be a starved, war-torn continent. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to really open their eyes.

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