• Yes Alibaba Will Continue to Grow

    I think that Alibaba is the type of company that has long term potential. It started out the same as names like Yahoo, eBay, Google, and Amazon. At first you heard about it from the people that keep up with the times and then suddenly it was everywhere! As long as there is not a huge occurrence that causes a ton of negative press then this company will be around for a while.

  • Yes, Alibaba's strong growth will continue.

    Yes, Alibaba's strong growth will continue. This company is growing very fast and will continue to do so, at least for a while. Because of China's huge population, this e-commerce company will be an important source for the people there and will help them to catch up with the Western world.

  • I do believe it will continue its strong growth.

    With us being more and more in depth with technology these days, there's no question that a lot of people are using the Internet to buy things and now you can only imagine the companies that are also doing the switch and using companies like Alibaba to do their shopping. I think this is just the beginning for them, they have a lot more growth to do!

  • No, Alibaba will not continue its strong growth

    No, Alibaba will not continue its strong growth. Investors jumped on the Alibaba bandwagon, and helped surge its value too quickly. They will now take their profit, and sell off their shares to avoid the risk that naturally comes with investing. This will cause the share value to drop back down to normal levels and likely stabilize for the near future.

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