• Only time will tell.

    Nobody knows for sure who will win these things. It all depends on the outcome. If they work hard for it they just might get it but I can not say for sure since I am not a predictor of the future. Needless to say it will be interesting to see who does win.

  • Argentina Wins Championship!

    Argentina is bound to win the Euro 2016 Championship. With Messi on their side, these is no way they will lose to England or France. I have my bets on Argentina and hope to see them all the way to the championship game! Fingers crossed there are no injuries and everyone plays their best!

  • Argentina will win the 2016 Euro Championship

    This year Argentina came in strong with Messi crushing the opposition, great control, great team collaboration, displaying absolutely crushing scores, it does indeed seem like this year Argentina is unstoppable and is very likely to win the 2016 Euro Championship. However it is impossible to perfectly predict the outcomes of the events to come.

  • No, Argentina is not able to play.

    Argentina is located in South America. Euro 2016 is for teams based in Europe only. Any country outside of Europe is not going to be able to play. They have 0% chance of winning the tournament. They probably won't even win the Copa America, the only tournament exclusively for the Americas.

  • No, Argentina does not play in the Euro championship

    There is no way Argentina is going to win the Euro 2016 championship given that they can't participate in the tournament which is meant for European countries where as they it is in South America. Argentina plays in the Copa America, which is a tournament for both North and South America countries

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