• Artificial Intelligence isn't stupid

    With the progression of AI going so fast it's no myth or SCI FI fantasy.
    Artificial intelligence will replace us in the near future and soon peoples everyday jobs will be run by rots and we won't have to do a thing.
    Some people would argue that doing nothing is a bad thing but think of it this way,the worlds population is slowly growing more obese,with AI doing our jobs for us and having nothing to do the worlds population will grow more and more obese by the day and this means that the population of human beings will slowly drop due to being overweight and then there will be no one left except the robots.

  • No employment equals no spending

    As jobs disappear replaced by computers, and AL the work available to humans will shrink. And jobs that are out scourced to India , China and the like. The big corporations who rely on the consumer to buy their products will suffer as the average joe cant afford to buy their stuff. Sounds rather spooky that AL could eliminate us humans in the next 100 years! Fortunately I wont be around to see it. Humans are aggressive, greedy creatures, who are destroying the planet and other species so maybe it wont be such a bad thing. Shame we cant un-invent the computer age, apart from medical advances is it worth it? It might make us more humble and nice but then maybe not? A look at history would disagree with this.

  • Just cause its cool

    I like rooobutts alote . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They're cool

  • It's only a matter of time.

    We have discovered no upper limit to the processing and problem solving capabilities of machine intelligences. Given the current rate of development of computer technology, I think it reasonable to expect the arrival of machine intelligences on par with humans in the next 50 years. After reaching the critical point where an AI can evaluate and improve its own systems, all bets are off as to the heights it could ascend to. But will AI replace humans? There are a few ways this could happen. First, an AI could decide to eliminate humanity as a means to an end or as an end in itself. Second, one or more AIs could survive the extinction of the human race due to their ability to survive and self-replicate anywhere, including the vacuum of space. Third, and in my opinion least likely, humanity could decide to stop self-replicating and leave the earth to AI, as an attempt to overcome the inevitable mortality, pettiness, and strife that plagues us.

  • Artificial intelligence grown over years.

    People have been facing such problems of losing their jobs and career because of this intelligence. We are actually planning to destroy our lives by building up such technologies which may take us over. We people will not be considered as important since the technology is the intelligence speeding up the world and also the next generation which is just against the man work. The lethargic mind set people having is the beginning of it. We people are totally dependant on the technology and are losing our brains. This intelligence which is fake and mad by us will cover our made world in next few years if we guys don't wake up at the correct time

  • They have replaced my old job

    Back in 1982 I was a mid level draftsman. I was replaced by software.
    I have been watching DARPA and the state of robotics and see that within the next ten years most physical labor jobs will be replaced by robots. The Singularity is speeding up tech. I read books on tech and the writers avoid making any committed answer which tells me that they know but refuse to admit anything.
    Now is the time to talk about a society with 90% unemployment. Who will buy anything when no one has money.

  • A.I will not fully replace humans.

    A.I may take away some human jobs. For example, movie theaters have kiosks where you can buy tickets, and Redbox and Netflix have disrupted the movie rental industry and stores like Blockbuster have almost disappeared completely. However, there will always be jobs that only humans can do, and humans will always be needed to design the new artificial intelligence.

  • Not in Total

    Artificial intelligence has already replaced humans in a number of jobs. As technology advances and advances are made in the capabilities of artificial intelligence, more human jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. But artificial intelligence has its limits. It will never completely replace the need for qualified humans in the labor force.

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