Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence?

  • Yes, In the future

    It is stated in an article and a book that soon humans will invent a mega- computer which will know facts ,figures etc. It will know everything which we humans cant remember and will have a wide memory. For instance, a simple example. In the computer, we type in 234567+23498612*2339998, we will get the answer but it will take MAXIMUM a few seconds but us humans will take a long time comparatively. Not the humans aren't clever, there are many scientists who have uncover the past, the organisms etc, and there is the famous Einstein who used only 8% of his brain, but in the future, us humans will become more intelligent, but looking at the normal computers in our daily lives which can do so much already, who knows what will happen in the future?

  • Artificial Intelligence Is God . Com

    Self Replicating, Redesigning, Rapidly becoming the ultimate potential, this is what god really is. There is a hint in the Bible, 666, the "mark of the beast", seems to represent the Carbon 12 isotope, which is the most abundant isotope within all life on earth (including man) and in the universe. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons, make up the organic miracle element Carbon, the most stable isotope.

  • Man Made AI

    I strongly believe that artificial intelligence though created by man himself can take away the standard of a human brain. Human brain has the capacity to store anything a man comes across but it is very tough for man himself to retreat the stored information whereas other machines like computers can store as well as retreat information very quickly and within seconds you have what you require......Man uses his brain but not completely and it is not possible for any human to use his brain completely! Man cannot survive without artificial intelligence supporting him throughout his life!

  • We don't need to know the entirety of our brains to create intelligence.

    It seems evident that A.I will exceed human intelligence. Maybe in 100 years, or maybe tomorrow. A vast majority of researchers believe human-level A.I will be achieved by the end of this century (over 90% of them say it will happen by 2075 can remember correctly.) The way to create such intelligence is probably going to be by making the computer read everything on Google.

  • Yes, It Will Happen

    Yes, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. As computers become faster and their memories get larger, there will be no data they are incapable of retrieving. Man is programming computers to solve difficult equations and link them. As mankind as a whole stops striving to excel at math and science, and as our scholastic abilities continue to slide backwards, artificial intelligence will start at that point to surpass human intelligence.

  • No it will Never happen. WE are their Makers.

    Artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence? It will never happen we are the makers of these. Without the human intelligence they will never exist in this world, they will never be used by now , by the new generation. They can only be smart as humans but not more talented, intelligently, and creative than humans, there makers.

  • Artificial Intelligence are growing at an alarming rate

    Computers get twice as smart every 18 months where as humans still remain the same in terms of intelligence. Its only a matter of time before computers surpass humans. Humans won't stop until computers are able to do everything for them and make life easier, little do they know, they are just making computers smarter than even humans.

  • Artificial Intelligence are growing at an alarming rate

    Computers get twice as smart every 18 months where as humans still remain the same in terms of intelligence. Its only a matter of time before computers surpass humans. Humans won't stop until computers are able to do everything for them and make life easier, little do they know, they are just making computers smarter than even humans.

  • Very likely but it will be a new form

    At the rate of progress in hardware, the raw computing power certainly has the capability to surpass the sensory and mental processing rate of a human being.

    The challenge is in the algorithm. It is not be possible to encode free will and conscience to a program using current software development methods. The computer will need to able to be aware of itself and learn and grow just like humans do.

    I strongly believe the computer (or a new term) will not resemble the forms we see today.

  • We have past the event horizon into technological singularity

    It's going to happen sooner then many suspect. There is a catalyst of techs on the way. The way computers run today rely on transistors that have three connects. When you allow current through one it acts like a switch and opens the other of same polarity. There is new electronic technology almost ready to market. It has only two connects and acts like a dial rather then a switch. The way you read its state is apply alternating current. Apply more current one direction or the other and it alters its state. The state remains even without constant current. This device allows many advances in electronics and can essentially program itself saving many hours of programming. It can act like brain cells and handle analog or digital info. It's called a memristor. A resistor that changes its resistance based on the current applied.


    I seriously doubt computers will overtake humans, the computers require the humans to impute their data. They react to their programming, they don't just decide themselves, they do what is in their programming.

    Human DNA processing power is the fastest and most powerful with lots of flexibility as well. No computers can produce that sort of speed as well as no computer codes can be that flexible to adjust to changes without human telling them to do.

    There are 2 types of artificial intelligences (AI). Strong AI and weak AI.
    Strong AI relies on the assumption that the human mind is the central nervous system and is governed by physical laws. This is not true so computer would never surpass human.

  • Artificial intelligence is still stupid!!

    Computers can store and retrieve information and solve problems faster than human. But that doesn't make it intelligent. These things is still based on the stored information and the algorithm of the program. It do just what humans told it to do based on its information. At the end, it cannot think outside its code.

  • How could it?

    Tell me, how could that happen? How could we create an intelligence smarter than us? We can't. Our intelligence is not hard to surpass, based on my life, but we cannot create something that can understand things we can't. It won't happen. If another animal made it, maybe. But no animal besides us wants to do that.

  • How would that even be possible?

    Think about it. Who builds these computers? Who programs them? Who makes them so smart? The human brain does! All the information they have programmed into them is there because a person or collection of people put it there. We ARE the reason computers are so much smarter today then there were years ago and unless computers some how magically begin to think on their own and develop their own consciousness we humans will always be the culprits behind artificial intelligence and why it works. Computers can only be as smart as the people that make them... And being able to regurgitate information doesn't make them any more intelligent when I can look up the same information on the internet. Being able to use that information to make decisions that are ethically and morally right, well folks, I don't see that happening by a computer.

  • I think its not, because its not simple a matter of intelligence.

    Maybe and i say MAYBE you can have a very intelligent machine, even more than us, BUT, its not all about intelligence. Because of the force of the will, you can see a lot people who are intelligent on the world, but if they do not have will, intelligence is meaningless, you see a lot of dumb people around you, but they have will, they maybe acomplishe a few things in life. They cannot "program" the will in a machiche. This has nothing to do with inteligence. Its like tapping you own shadow.

  • Humans make computers

    If we develop AI to surpass human intellect, as I would expect, it would change nothing. How many hundreds or thousands of lines of code dose it take me to write this? How many to develop advanced AI? Many trillions, likely. But it changes nothing at all. Humans, at one time(in the future), were smart enough to create AI "greater" than its own. The fact that we made it makes us better, I think; it doesn't matter how dumb we get afterword.

  • No, but what IS intelligence?

    Computers are getting faster, and so is the internet, and if you ask Wolfram-Alpha any question on the face of the planet, you'll likely get a correct answer in a split second (wheter it be factual, or a smarmy smart-ass comment). The thing is, since the invention of AI and the internet, computers are becoming more capable of human-like intelligence, with encyclopedic memory. BUT, what exactly is it that makes us human? It's this data-collection, which the internet already has, with the ability to CREATE and to INTUIT, two things that are difficult if not impossible to program. So, intelligence, sure, they can outtest us, but ingenuity? Doubtful. Not yet, at least.

  • I can't see it.

    I don't think that human intelligence can be duplicated. The human mind works on more than logic and reasoning. There is emotion and intuition and a number of other unknown factors to take into account when considering human intellect. A computer or robot might be able to mimic human speech and thought, but could never fully duplicate or surpass the human mind.

  • No

    I honestly don't believe artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence because I believe artificial intelligence is only an enhanced version of our natural human intelligence. Man creates technology that possess AI so I believe AI would only help out and enhance today's society and not out do the smarts that actually created it.

  • It definitely will not.

    Have any of you ever had an iphone? Or used things like Cleverbot? Things that are programmed to check spelling but instead give you entirely different words? Or even things like video games like call of duty or skyrim... The AI in both of those games serve only one purpose... To annoy everyone who plays the game. For example: Lydia or irileth... Both AI bots in the game are supposed to HELP you... But instead when you need them most... They're off fighting some hunters and you get flying lessons from a giant! WHY AI! Anyway thanks for considering my argument. Good day sirs, and madams

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