Will bacteria or viruses be the cause of human extinction?

  • Virus the Human killer.

    I think there are thousands of species of bacteria and viruses that can kill human beings. I also think these same viruses can kill the pig and cow species as well. It's all that meat eating and killing of the fish and animals. Eventually, they will attack and the Humans, Pigs, Cows will go extinct.

  • For pete sake

    I'm a plumber; I was doing a remodel at a landfill (dump) site, and got MRSA. The doctors's(3 of them) are acting like it's no big deal. They say that I'm too worried about it. I'll tell you what; It is kicking my ass! Been googling the heck out of bacteria ever since, and I agree with the "yes" answer. Sad But true, hopefully people will wake up and start realizing the seriousness of this soon breakout. For Pete sake!1!111!1: 12

  • Drug Resistance in Viruses / Bacteria

    As improper use of antibiotics increases, viruses and bacteria will evolve to become immune to these, just as how we adapt and become immune to certain illnesses. Viruses and bacteria are too, living organisms and will evolve for their own survival. With the discovery of multi-drug resistant bacteria and even reports of scientists voluntarily creating super-viruses for research (which could fall into the hands of bioterrorism) , I fear that rapid evolution of pathogens aided by human recklessness will be the cause of human extinction.

  • Yes, but indirectly.

    I believe that the actual direction we're headed is that of a world in which humans no longer become infected with things. To do this we would essentially no longer be human since our biology/physiology would have to be altered greatly. So, in a sense, bacteria and viruses, i.e., infections, will cause us to biologically modify ourselves to no longer be human and eventually humans will become extinct in the same way older cultures become extinct after some time. This does not necessarily imply that we won't resemble modern humans or have the same emotional characteristics, but by definition we won't be the same especially if we, in our current physical state, no longer exist.

  • Yes, I think bacteria will kill us eventually.

    Staph infection and MRSA is running rampant in all the states now. We are becoming immune to antibiotics and we are getting sicker and sicker. More people are dying from these infections, or they are becoming weakened. Soon, there will be no cure and we will all die away from these virus'.

  • Yes, Bacteria or Viruses will be the cause of human extinction.

    Throughout history, strong bacteria or viruses have been effective in wiping out large chunks of the population. While we have become more capable at fending off the dangers of bacteria or viruses, we have also begun to create super viruses and anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria by over treating and over sterilizing. With overpopulation, global warming and the issue of inadequate waste disposal, we present ourselves with the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to develop into extremely powerful enemies. The fact is that bacteria and viruses were around before us and they are bound to still be here after us.

  • This isn't the 1900s anymore

    We have a deep understanding of how virus work now. A good quarantine program, hygiene educations, and elimination of carriers are all we need to combat any serious outbreaks.

    Worst case scenario, humanity breaks off from cities and form isolated communities. Outbreak is possible and many people could die, but extinction event from virus is simply not possible.

  • Bacteria or viruses will not be the cause of human extinction.

    No virus or bacteria could possibly kill all of humanity. Even if a virus could kill 90 percent of humanity, there will still be millions of people left. It is more likely that humans will kill each other with nuclear weapons or some other kind of futuristic weapon that hasn't been invented yet.

  • Immunity to any disease exists in some individuals

    Ninety percent of native peoples in the Americas died off in the 1500s due to multiple diseases brought in by Europeans. One percent of seven billion is more than enough to keep Homo sapiens from going extinct. There is no disease that will kill everyone of us.
    Les U. Knight

  • No, probably not

    I don't think that viruses or bacteria will likely be the cause of human extinction because advances in medical technology and knowledge and general seem to be outpacing the viruses. I think some sort of natural disaster would make humans extinct, not a virus. But, who knows, anything could happen I guess.

  • No, humans do worse things to themselves every day.

    While it's reasonable to expect that bacteria and viruses will eventually increase at a rate which we cannot keep up with, since we are growing super viruses from so much antibiotic use, it's probably the every day human behavior that will cause humans to become extinct before any virus or bacteria. Because we have access to so many things that are detrimental to us, over a great period of time, we'll make ourselves extinct.

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