• Yes, he is.

    Sanders wants to break up the biggest banks, double the minimum wage, and put the entire country on Medicare. And his message has been resonating. Sanders is now standing on the biggest platform of his political career. Win or lose, his ideas will influence the national debate as never before. In some ways they already have. In August, the Democratic National Committee adopted a $15 minimum wage as part of its official platform, bringing the senator's once-radical proposal firmly into the mainstream. Sanders always seemed to know that he'd get his chance to effect big change, even if others dismissed him as a radical or derided him as a socialist.

  • Yes he will

    Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly make positive changes to the Democratic Party. But look at who he is being compared to: Hillary Clinton. Clinton has constantly changed her mind on racism throughout the years to suit her peers and in my opinion she has no right to be in politics. She is dangerous.

  • Yes, he will.

    Bernie Sanders is sure to make some great changes to the Democratic Party. Now that he is not focusing on running for President, he can work internally, within the system to make the Democratic Party the great party that is focused on social justice that it was meant to be.

  • I think he will.

    Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air for the Democratic Party and politics in general. He may be an old white guy with borderline socialist views but he would bring about great change to this country that would make it great again. He's got common sense and he cares more about unity than any other candidate.

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