Will Bernie Sanders' supporters vote for Donald Trump in a general election?

  • Yes, many of them will, because they do not trust Hillary Clinton.

    While most Bernie Sanders supporters are still undecided as to whom they will vote for, I believe that the majority will vote for Trump. This is because he says what he means. He may not be the best candidate, but there are no good candidates at this point. Hillary has lied about many things so, Sander's supporters will most likely vote for the lesser of two evils.

  • No, Bernie supporters will not generally vote for Trump in the general election

    In a country where our views are represented by a select few, people tend to divide themselves into groups based on these beliefs, often clumping several issues together and labeling their side. An example of this is the conflict between 'liberals' and 'conservatives'. with Bernie almost out of the race, and Trump still standing strong as the Republican presumptive nominee, there will definitely be a few people who change their vote and vote across party lines for Trump. But the majority would never vote for Trump based on the fact that so many of his views are not compatible with what Democrats or 'liberals' believe to be right or correct.

  • They are not that silly

    Bernie Sanders followers are looking for a revolution but not that kind of revolution. They are very loyal to Bernie and getting on the Trump bandwagon would be a slap in the face to Sanders. Now it will be hard for them to swallow their pride and vote for Hillary but they recognize a con when they see one and will run from Trump in the other direction.

  • No, I do not think that Bernie Sanders' supporters will vote for Donald Trump in a general election.

    No, I do not think that Bernie Sanders' supporters will vote for Donald Trump in a general election because Donald Trump has shown to be a divisive presidential candidate by his numerous inflammatory remarks. I believe that Bernie Sanders' supporters will support Hillary Clinton because they know that a Trump presidency would spell disaster for America.

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