• Yes, Bernie Sanders will continue to his presidential run at the Democratic convention.

    Even though polls in the media show Hillary Clinton poised to take the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders has strong support from his base. In my opinion, he is the type of politician that believes that he offers a clear and unique perspective that deserves to be recognized and considered by a presence at the Democratic convention.

  • Bernie will fight the convention

    Despite the fact that the convention has been treating him very unfairly, it is unlikely that Bernie Sanders is going to give up the fight and step back while Hillary takes control of the general election. As stated by him, he is not simply running in order to become the President of the United States, he is running in order to create change, and remove this type of establishment corruption.

  • No, Bernie Sanders just wants his key issues addressed

    Bernie Sanders will not take his fight to the floor of the Democratic convention. My belief is that the Democratic party apparatus and its supporters want to present a united front against the Trump candidacy, and while he hasn't officially left the race, Sanders has given signs that he simply wants his issues addressed in the party platform. The key issue is how to move forward with Hillary Clinton while not alienating Sanders' supporters, whose votes will be needed in the general election. but have shown great reluctance in backing a Clinton ticket.

  • Sanders will not fight at the convention

    Bernie Sanders will not fight all the way to the convention. Recent statements and actions indicate he is facing the reality that he will not be the nominee. He has pledged to fight against Donald Trump. Although he was previously combative, his tone has changed. He is likely to push on certain issues, but not cause a major disruption.

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