• We never got a choice.

    Unlike the european countries who were well established, and divided before the 18th century, the African population were living in individual tribes, not countries! Colonization wasn't a complete disaster, but we can learn from our mistakes, allow african countries to reshape in a way that best fits the population of that region. How can foreigners from various european, and american countries come in someones continent, then proceed to divide it the way they feel fit without under standing the local populations that live there, give us independence, and then what? Live happily ever after? No!!!! It was doomed to fail from the start and thats how they keep us under control. Most african countries within a few years of independence undergo a civil war as a result. Nigeria is made up of more that 200 tribes, with different dialect and languages in an all out race for power that alone is a huge problem. This is where corruption, inter tribal favoritism, and xenophobia for Nigerians who don't share your culture and belief systems puts us as a country in a huge disadvantage. What I'm saying is not born out of hate or prejudice but out of common sense. African people must have power to reclaim there lands and stop living under inferiority to the western rule. Nigeria can do great but in order for us to be the "west" of west Africa like the British, french, germans which are all are great countries so can Biafra, Oduduwa republic, and the Arewa nation can be great Individually.

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