• Yes, it will.

    This movie has gained quite a bit of attention in the world and is sure to help bring Bollywood to the forefront of the movie industry. This is sure to attract many new fans to the types of Bollywood produces and make them more of a contender to Hollywood movies.

  • Maybe it will

    Bollywood is pretty big, and is becoming more watched around the world. The lost city of Mohenjo Daro is an interesting story, but I don't know how much press the movie itself is getting outside of India. Maybe the box office clash with Ashkay Kumar wlll generate more publicity and put Bollywood more in the global spotlight.

  • This movie will bring more attention

    This movie will bring more attention. This is because there are more Indians in the USA than ever and Bollywood films are getting more exposure each year. Indian films tend to be more family-friendly and they can be shown to a whole family without anyone being afraid of exposure to violence or immorality.

  • Movie is far away from reality

    I think this movie has least connection to the actual historical place. The story could have been set in any era or place. The use of this name is purely for pulling attention and the movie does not give any authentic information or feel about that place and time. Bollywood had made a lot of good movies which have not been brought to world's notice due to lack of enough publicity.

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