Will Colin Montgomery recover from his past failures and win the open this year?

  • Colin Montgomerie is a talented golfer

    Though Colin Montgomerie has not had the most successful of runs in recent years, his golfing abilities remain. This is a good indication that he is an excellent candidate for winning the Open and gaining another title. No golfer is perfect so it is wise to reflect on their successes and gauge how that will be an indicator of future accomplishments.

  • He can do it!

    I think that this is Colin Montgomery's year to win it all. Sure, he has had plenty of failures in his past, but who hasn't? If anything, I think that the past failures have made him hungrier for success. The 2016 Open belongs to Colin Montgomery, and his fans will be here to see him win.

  • Montgomerie's time is past.

    Colin Montgomerie was one of the PGA's best golfers in the 1990s, but at age 53 he's pretty unlikely to win a major championship. No one over 50 has ever won one before, and Montgomerie hasn't come particularly close in recent years. It's nice to see older golfers in major tournaments but I wouldn't expect any 50+ player to win.

  • No, he will not win.

    Colin Montgomery has a difficult task ahead of him and it has been some time since he competed in the game on this level. It is highly unlikely that he will win, however he will likely do well in the event. He is sure to have a performance he can be proud of.

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