Will enforcement agencies crack down on gang-related violence after the Fort Myers nightclub shooting?

  • I hope so.

    I hope that there is a major crackdown on gang-related violence now. This problem has been an issue for a long time. I live in Florida, and I have seen first-hand the problems and violence that occur. I think law enforcement needs to be more concerned about violence in general than taking away guns.

  • Yes, they will.

    The Fort Myers night club shooting was a horrible tragedy and could have been prevented. Law enforcement agencies should respond and hopefully they will put a stop to the kind of violence that led to this tragedy. Gang related violence is one of the major problems we face and needs to be stopped.

  • Yes, at least in the short-run

    Any major tragedy will invoke change, especially one which has reached people nationwide. I believe there will be a heightened emphasis on reducing gang-related violence, at least in the short-run. It is possible that enforcement agencies will only do what is necessary to avoid negative publicity and loss of funding, but they will need to put forth extra effort in the meantime while there's an increased national interest in public safety.

  • Yes, enforcement agencies will crack down for awhile

    I believe that for awhile at least, gang related violence will be at the top of everyone's docket every single day in Fort Myers. However, I think that this is a band aid as when we see the gang related violence going down, we will stop worrying about it so much and will let it climb back up to it's current standing. I think that enforcement should be cracking down on violence anyways, a mass shooting should not have been the factor that caused more initiative.

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