Will everything that happened in Futurama happen in real Life

  • The whole Show is Based off of Real Science

    When it comes down to it, Futurama is a very realistic show. Not long from now aliens and space travel will be real, the United States will take over Earth, and best of all Nixon will once again be our president. The idea of a robot that runs on alcohol is very realistic, various roboticists, are experimenting with the idea as you read this article. I have a few prototypes myself but they are not nearly as functional as bender himself. Based on the professors age, life expectancy has also gone up in the future, this would make sense because technology would have become more advanced. One thing is for sure that no one can argue even if you don't agree with my opinions, Nixon will make a comeback as president, I think it should of happened sooner in the show but at least it happened so I let it slide. All of this proof points to one thing, the only way the writers could have known this would happen is if they invented time travel. It makes sense when you think about it, the government and military are very secretive about their inventions, we all know they are covering up the existence of aliens. To learn more all true believers should watch the X-Files, it's based off of real leaked government files. To learn more about the truth look at my other arguments such as "Are whales "Aqua-Elephants"?"

  • It definitely will.

    Clearly Nixon is still alive and the Illuminati are hiding this. There are also obviously martians on Mars, how do I know this you ask? One simple word. Illuminati. The Illuminati are responsible for everything in futurama, and since they control our every move, it will become true

    Wake up Sheeple!

  • What kind of absurd question is this?

    I am shocked that most people have said yes. Futurama is a science-FICTION show- not realistic one bit? You really think there will be one eyed humans or aliens roaming the earth one day? That is nonsensical. It is a cartoon that came out of human beings' minds meant to be for entertainment and pleasure- not to be taken seriously!!!

  • The whole show is based off fake science

    Futurama is not a realistic show. They don't have police batons made of light, monkeys could never talk, there are no mutant sewer people, etc. etc. its just an imagination show that's not based in reality. Futurama is in the imagination only its not real life at all. Its fake.

  • It just doesnt make since.

    Futurama was created by various people for fun. It is like Star Wars or Harry Potter. The creators made it for fun. Yes, colonizing Mars, long life, ect.. Might be possible someday but Lrr, Omicronians, Mobius Dick, Doomsday shuttles and uber-intelligent talking cats aren't. I don't belive mutant sewer people like Leela and alens like Zoidburg are posdible either.

  • Of Course Not!

    Though I am a big fan of the show I don't think most of the stuff that happens in Futurama will come true. Sure I think a few things might become reality one day like hover cars, terriforming Mars, and maybe we might have peace with aliens but most of that stuff is just fiction. For Example: The show has sound traveling through space when in reality sound doesn't travel through space, in fact astronauts can't hear each other they communicate by a radio that broad another one's voice inside of their suits.

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