• Fecal transplant will become a popular surgery

    Despite the initial yuck factor of the idea of a putting someone else's poop in your body, this surgery is already gaining proponents and will grow in popularity. Doctors and talk show hosts increasing talk about the relationship between the microbiome, the balance of intestinal bacteria, and gut health. They also talk about the risks of medications and the advantages of natural solutions. The fecal transplant is a natural solution, albeit surgical, so those who are careful about toxins and what they eat will increasingly be attracted to fecal transplant surgery

  • Yes, Fecal tranplant could become a popular surgery

    The use of fecal transplant for the treatment of colon infections has been successful and so it may lead to further use. It sounds extreme but if the treatment works to reset the bacteria and restore a patient to a healthy life, then it will be accepted. The American diet is an issue that needs improvement and colon disorders are a reflection of that unhealthy diet.

  • It's too gross

    It is helpful for a lot of people, but people are too grossed out. In a short time people will probably develop a safe, effective and less vomit-inducing way to accomplish the same thing. Until then, many people will choose to suffer rather than put another person's excrement in their body.

  • Not popular but a possibility for some

    C. difficile colitis is a invasion of the human body by an organism for which there is no antibiotic therapy. It is life-threatening with many other complications and as there is no known "cure" to rid the body of this organism it can reoccur within an individual. Fecal transplants may not become a popular surgery across any society but may be the only option for the infected person.

  • No, it will not.

    The diseases and disorders for which Fecal transplant are helpful are rare. It is also a somewhat dangerous procedure and most people find it disgusting. It is not likely to become popular or faddish. Also some organizations are working to make the regulations surrounding it more strict, which would reduce the popularity.

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