Will France's promotion of "Ratatouille" attract young chefs to the culinary field?

  • The promotion of "Ratatoiille" in France will draw more young chefs into the culinary world.

    Promoting "Ratatouille" to young audiences exposes them to the career opportunity of becoming a chef at a young age and encourages culinary arts as a course of study for young people. Head chefs tend to be men and women are often relegated to sous chef and pastry chef roles in the food industry. Children exposed to this material at a young age grow up accepting women in roles traditionally held by men and make this a perfectly acceptable and normal vocational choice for boys and girls.

  • More fun always works

    In order to attract young people to a field you have to show the fun side of it, not just always the hard work. Young people who never considered being chefs just might do so after getting attached to Ratatouille, because it adds some humor to the idea. New people to the field might just realize they have a real skill.

  • Yes, for it is appealing to a whole new generation of children that could develop an interest in the culinary arts.

    By promoting "Ratatouille" France should be able to attract many new young chefs, for it gives them hope off the premise presented in the movie that "anyone can cook" which is an encouraging message to children and adults at any stage of life. However, this is not to say that a movie simply will be the only factor that plays into children pursuing the culinary field but they will need some pushing from their parents and in most cases their grandparents in order to really seek out this newfound passion.

  • The movie already did that

    Anybody who was going to be inspired by "Ratatouille" is going to have that inspiration instilled by the movie itself, not because somebody half a world away said it was good. Granted, this might get a few more people to watch the movie and then make that jump, but overall it's not going to be any more than a very small blip on the radar.

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