• Russell Wilson Has Nothing to be Worried About

    Russell Wilson has nothing to worry about from Future. It's been a long tradition in the rap and hip-hop industry to "talk a big game," and threats have never been any exception. In some cases, these "beefs" are started as a means of drawing attention to the rapper and increasing album sales. Russell Wilson has nothing to be worried about.

  • No, I do not think that Future will kill Ciara's fiance Russell Wilson.

    No, I do not think that Future will kill Russell Wilson, the fiance of Ciara. Ciara and Future have continued to have a melodramatic battle that they are both playing out in the media. I think that Ciara's latest claim is yet another play in their ongoing battle. He would be stupid to kill Russell Wilson since this allegation has been splashed all over the media anyway.

  • No, he will not.

    Future may continue to make threats, but with the amount of money and security that she has, as long as she continues to take these threats seriously he probably will not kill Russell Wilson. Future may make an attempt on his life, but Ciera is unlikely to allow him to get close.

  • No, he won't kill anyone

    This is a silly gossip piece that is making the front page while the rest of the world crumbles with serious crises. Nobody is going to kill anyone else in the big money world. It is merely a hit piece to get attention. Everyone in that world loves attention. Wilson is fine.

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