Will Gabby Douglas' decision to change coaches hurt her chances at the Olympic Trials?

  • Yes, Change in Coach WIll Hurt Olympic Chances

    Anytime there is a last minute change in routine, there could be a potential harm to the end product. I believe when an athlete has a change in coaches, they have a different set of expectations. This can cause disturbances in routine and possible injuries.As a gymnast, Gabby should keep her current coach. They have had lots of success together. Breaking up this team will definitely jeopardize her chances at getting to the Olympics.

  • Douglas' Coaching Change Won't Hurt Olympic Prospects

    Gabby Douglas' sudden decision to change coaches right before the Olympic Trials begin seems like a strange one, but Douglas is no stranger to sudden changes to her coaching staff. So far, they have not impacted negatively in any way upon her performance at major sporting events. At the moment, she needs someone who is physically capable of spotting for her, and her newly-appointed coach is better suited for this role.

  • She is already amazing

    At this point in her career, I don't think a new coach is going to hurt Gabby Douglas. She is already a master at her art, and for the most part, she just needs someone to guide her and point out any flaws or kinks that she may be experiencing.

  • She won't have a hard time with this.

    While changing coaches, a person who you may have already made a strong personal bond with, it may require a bit of an adjustment. However, I think very highly of Gaby Douglas. I feel that she is a very calm, controlled, and relaxed woman. A change in coach won't be a problem for her.

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