• Yes, it will.

    In the short term, people who have Google Fiber will be able to access certain web services at very high speeds. This means that accessing things on the web will be like accessing things on their own computer. This will let them use the cloud without giving up desktop performance.

  • Google Fiber allows more to be done on the internet

    Download speed and streaming speed has always limited the capabilities of internet users to some extent. That limitation has also set bounderies for what developers could do because they had to work with what most end users would have. Google Fiber starts with a connection that is up to 1,000 megabits per second.

  • Yes, Google Fiber will revolutionize the internet.

    Google Fiber will revolutionize the internet. Fiber internet connections will significantly increase data transfer speeds online - giving users faster internet speeds than any other technology has give them. Google Fiber is also less expensive than other internet providers. This will likely hurt traditional internet companies. Google Fiber has the potential of connecting the entire country - urban and rural areas - to a high speed data network.

  • Yes, it will.

    Google fiber is not only much faster and more affordable than other forms of Internet, it can go places that other kinds of Internet cannot. This will make the Internet accessible to more people, particularly poor people in rural area, like the parts of Tennessee where Google wants to lay cable.

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