• Yes, all hail the mighty Google. (Look for sarcasm in this)

    Being the owner of Google (not really) I will put a mind control device on every page of Google. The initiative is called proposition 8 by allowing gay people to be married, which is immoral for some odd reason, don't ask I can't rap my head around it either. Also Obama is so obviously the antichrist (*sarcasm*) Also bush new about 9/11 (*sarcasm*) and cats


    Google knows what youre looking for, what your house looks like, what youve looked up in the past, what kind of porn youre into, who you want to stalk, and depending on whether or not you have a thriving Google+ account, who you are, what you look like and who your friends are... Id say anybody who knows so much about everything wont just one day rule the world, but already have been ruling it.

  • They will start with small countries and move to big ones

    They will go to desperate and countries that are in need of support, google will "give aid" than take over every industry there saying it is needed so "the country can regrow" after it has complete influence in that government it will do this all over, after having influence in these smaller countries they will use those and the amount of weapons they have built up under the US's nose and mess shit up. They will Use Google Assistant to hack the Department of Homeland Security and strike fear into the public until they all bow down to the almighty google+

  • If the haven't already then they will soon

    Google is a vital component in our lives. Everyone defaults to using Google as a search engine, many people have Gmail, and a lot of people have Android phones which use the Google Play Store. And while a lot of people don't want it to happen or don't think it will, I believe that it is inevitable. Soon, Google will control our lives...

  • Google will take over the world!!

    Obviously, Google will take over the world. They have access to your search history, know what you are looking for and things you might be interested in, and they have google maps (which if you have looked up your house like me, they have a good idea of where you live). Also, they own youtube, made a phone, and are the most used search engine in the world. Once you have to depend on something for life, they can control you! If Google doesn't take over the world, it is because Walmart beat them to it! Walmart and their crappy customer service! Beware!!

  • But Like, Google

    Google as money. Money = richness. Richness = dead parents. Dead parents + money = batman!
    ALso Iron man. Pretty much the smae thing. Like, lets be real anyone with money can take over the world. More Money, less problems like they say. + google could buy all the fud.

  • Yes, google is taking over the world!

    Even though it may seem that google is just a search engine, now they have developed a phone, are working on self-driving car and the own many things, including YOUTUBE! They know everything about you, and if you have read The Killables series (which btw you have to read it is the best series in the world) it clearly show that Google has the capacity of being able to take over the world and will be able to own our lives. This is my opinion. :P

  • Life is life

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  • Life is life

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  • Life is life

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  • No. They will not.

    Although Google is quite a large company, I think that Microsoft will take over the world.
    A few of my examples:
    .Kinect required to be on at all times (That may have changed, but MS can reverse it if they want at any time!)
    .The NSA asking Microsoft to spy at all of our interactions through Skype
    What Microsoft could do is to be able to spy on us through Kinect and Skype, see what we do, what we eat, what we wear, what porn we watch/like, etc., and use it all against us!

    Source: My Two Cents.

  • It Wont Happen

    I do not understand why people are making such a big fuss about this. Google is only a search engine and that is it... They only other thing that they make is cars for maps and glasses. Saying that google is going to takeover the world is like saying black ops gives you brain cancer... IT WONT HAPPEN!!!

  • After reading both side's arguments...

    It seems people that think Google WILL take over the world are slightly paranoid about motives, those of us who say Google doesn't want to take over the world are probably right. Money is greater than literal power, they would be worse off themselves if the world was theirs.

    Other people who voted yes were just saying they have the POTENTIAL to do so, which they do. But as everyone on the no side is stating, they aren't motivated to do so. Google's C.E.O will die one day, anyway.

    They have our information, but they only plan on using it to (unintentionally) annoy us with spam & advertisements. A psychopath who wants people replaced with robots wouldn't be very good at handling a business, either, so I don't think anyone high-up in Google plans on overthrowing the world.

  • Companies do not overthrow countries that enrich them.

    Why would Google try to get rid of the US, UK, etc. These countries give them a firmer financial ground. They might try to take over Antarctica, though, because I heard google likes penguins... Or they'll take over China so they can take down "The Great Firewall of China" :)

  • Not going to happen

    To be honest, Google taking over the world would be completely pointless. To them, what is the point in doing that? They may not have done it yet they have a pretty satisfactory business by itself have no real reason to take over the world. It's like someone wanting something for no reason at all.

  • Obviously, Apple will take over the world.

    There is no way Google could take over if Apple takes over first which is becoming more likely than anything. I'm just kidding. No, Google won't take over the world and neither will Apple. A lot of these are just jokes or conspiracies from people with mental disorders (possible schizophrenia). Don't be such a conspiracy theorist!
    -Your friendly neighborhood psychology student

  • No It Will Not

    Google is great company that does a lot of great and innovative things. However, I cannot see them taking over the world. There are many factor out of Google's control that say that they will not be. At best, they will be a powerful company for the next few decades.

  • Google is a search engine, not a super-power.

    Google is not going to take over the world. Google is extremely smart, and almost knows everything. The definition of that would be to have power over all world and people, Google is a collection of all websites, and it is popular. Everybody uses it as a "home" or "reference" page, just like we say "Hello" first on the phone.

  • L. O. L.

    It makes you wonder, if Google can see everything, what would they say, yes or no? Well everybody has looked up SOMEONE naked before, so I would say that the people afraid of this are the people who are letting a digital company inflict fear upon them. I'm not afraid of a computer that can type >:( and try to scare me. If they hire mercenaries, then that's just damn hilarious.

  • They won't be allowed

    The current political culture thrives on punishing success. No doubt just a matter of time before an envious left wing zealot makes it his/her personal mission to destroy this successful enterprise for employing too many people our adding too much to the economy. Perhaps this person may even be personally offended that Google brings information so easily to those without the benefit of an ivy league education. The horror...

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