Will gun-related violent crimes go down if stricter gun laws are enacted?

  • Changes in certain laws would help gun-related violence decline

    Stricter gun laws would cause less gun-related violent crime because their access would become more limited. Less access means less violence. The government would be more vigilant and less willing to allow first-time gun purchasers to easily get these weapons in the first place. In addition, using other measures, such as increasing the costs of guns and taxes on them would help make gun-related violence decrease.

  • No, gun related crimes will not be affected by stricter gun laws.

    I do not believe gun related crimes will go down if stricter gun laws are enacted. Gang members can steal guns, or purchase them from the trunk of someone's car. Career criminals will always have access to guns. Upstanding citizens will continue to purchase guns legally from licensed dealers. And none of these new laws will stop the person who is mentally unstable, or who decides one day he no longer loves his wife..

  • No they won't.

    Gun related violent crimes will not go down just because we get stricter gun laws. People will still find illegal ways to get guns and use those if they really want to and find it needed. Just because we enforce a law does not mean everyone will follow and obey it.

  • No, it will stay about the same.

    Stricter gun control laws only affect people who follow the law and regulations. The vast majority of gun violence is done by criminals with illegal weapons. These people already have illegal weapons and stricter laws will not keep them from getting new ones. New gun laws do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

  • People kill people

    No, stricter laws will not make the gun related violent crimes go down. It is not the gun that is killing people, it is the person pulling the trigger. A criminal is going to get a gun no matter what, whether the law says he or she can have it or not.

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