Will human intelligence be of less value in the future because of technological advantages?

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  • No, human intelligence will always be important.

    While technology has, unfortunately, replaced some menial jobs, human intelligence will always be valuable, because humans are the ones who maintain technology. If a piece of important technology breaks down, it will have to be a person who figures out how to fix the problem. Human intelligence will also be necessary to create the technology in the first place. So, it's hard to imagine us ever valuing human intelligence less.

  • No, human intelligence with be of more value in the future because of technological advantages.

    Technology has changed the workforce considerably in the last one hundred years. Many things that required hundreds of people to do can now be done by machines. Some believe this trend will continue and human intelligence will be less important. The opposite appears to be true. Human intelligence will be more valued because technology will have freed up more humans to compete amongst the highly intellectual positions. This will place an important focus on finding the most intelligent human beings a company can find for its now more limited workforce.

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