• Lack of altruism, the reality of who we are.

    Humans in the 21st century champion capitalism, a system whereby the wealthy few do everything in their power to squeeze profit from the masses, the masses prey on each other, their aim in life is to make profit from each other, rather than give, to help their fellow man. This system of selfishness is destroying the planet, and is revealing humans to be what they are. Human history is filled with cruelty to millions of people and animals. Factory farming is monsterous and people who know that the packaged meat they buy from their supermarket is parts of animals reared in horrible suffering, they just don't care. The institution that has grown around Jesus, who preached altruism, compassion, (whether or not one believes the supernatural part of his philosophy) his institution is also monsterous; the wealth they have could alleviate poverty, BUT they don't. This in short is who humans are. Yes there are examples of decency, but just look at the the masses and what they do.

  • Greed has no limits

    Nuclear. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima and now you have less responsible countries like IRAN creating NUCLEAR weapons. Only a matter of time before we create a more dangerous technology that will spread like a virus. There are many ways which humanity can manifest its greed, selfishness and corruption. One of these ways is the path to obliteration.

  • We need to change our habits

    I think earth should stop with the habits of war and come to sense that we are one species. We should get rid with religion because science is proving the non exstisence of a god. We need to get clean energy. Also we should stop all co2 emissions and clean the world. We should spend alot in science and think of the future instead of the present

  • Armageddon will occur, which side will you be on?

    It's been told since the Bible was created that eventually the apocalypse occurs, and man, aided by the Anti Christ, destroys itself. It's a given. It seems to be happening shortly, possibly in the next 50 years, but we don't know for sure. Watch to see if the Jewish temple is being rebuilt.

  • It is inevitable

    As humans continue to procreate, they will evolve. Eventually, over time, changes accumulate in the genome, and as a result we will no longer resemble anything similar to humans living today. We may also become post-human entities, merging with technology as cyborgs, and thus would have eliminated what little humanity we might have remaining. We could also develop nanotechnology that turns all matter into grey goo, and thus end up turning into the entire planet into some kind of giant floating artificial intelligence.

  • The root of all Evil

    As a veteran I'm tired of the nonsensical stupidity that happens around me. Hard to see a peace relation between the many different variation of human species because in the end we are animals with the intellect to destroy or control others the part were we care for others is in demise and corruption , hypocrisy is part of the problem within. Survival and preparing for the worst case scenario is your best option and hopefully from the ashes an awakening will occur.

    Posted by: zorg
  • Humanity can't be trusted

    Humans just don't care anymore. People think too much about things, and feel too little. As a society, we concentrate too much on work, work, work, then getting a job, that by the time you've reached adulthood, and your mind is developed already, you haven't stopped to think about kindness and compassion. Society is too apathetic. We will destroy each other with WMDs, I'm sure of that. Humans lack the compassion and the intelligence necessary to not start a war. I believe we will almost all be wiped out within the 21st Century, maybe early 22nd. People are not trustworthy enough for countries to have WMDs.

  • Human empathy is gone

    As people we only care about one thing, and that is ourselves. Money, Pride, and materialism have taken over our mind, and the more and more we obsess over over these things we lose our humanity. All the while we lose care for others. Instead of thinking, "What can I do to help other people?" We think, "What can I get out of them." And like someone mentioned earlier, we have the great abilities to invent technology to help other people, but instead we rather use it to destroy. Our mindsets are too hostile. Countries like North Korea or some over in the middle East have citizens starving and dying of illnesses, but the country leaders rather spend whatever money it can get on a stronger military or producing WMD's. It's all going haywire. We've dug ourselves in a hole so deep it's hard to see the top, and to most people it doesn't even matter.

  • Watching from a distance

    Humanity has been around for a few hundred thousand years, give or take. However when you bring it down to the basics you still have people murdering and raping, abusing, whatever they can get away with if, if they think they can get away with it. You as a species are not as advanced as you think. If you develop a new technology, the first thing you think of is can we use it against other people as a weapon!

    I do not hold much hope for humanity, I see the aggressors holding the power, and the people more than capable of taking control mindlessly sitting back and allowing it to happen. It really concerns me. You are capable of so much yet you do so little. If anyone of importance is reading this please for the sake of your planet do something. Your world is truly beautiful and you as a species are capable of such wonders. Do something before it's gone forever.

  • Greedy shepherds and willing lambs.

    Nationalism, religion, energy and central banks used by the important few to increase their power with help of media under their control and politicians on their payroll. Progress is grinding to a halt, the important few are ready to do battle. 50 years at the most.

    Can the common man open his eyes in time? History predicts we have little hope

  • No it will not.

    Humans throughout thousands of years have thought that humanity was going to destroy itself. In fact a Babylonian tablet from 2800 BC stated:
    The world must be coming to an end. Children no longer obey their parents and every man wants to write a book.
    This was said 4000 or so years ago. So by definition, we should have already destroyed ourselves by now.

  • It's our decision.

    In the 21st Century, the human race has come far. You can liken it to a boy becoming a man on his 21st birthday. The technology exists or is being developed that will enable humans to live long and prosperous lives in a sustainable way. We also have or are developing the technology to leave our planet and explore others. To insure against existential risks to humanity on Earth (like asteroids), we will need to colonize other planets and moons.

    Today, mankind is only beginning to fully realize his potential, and we've been doing it

  • This is a tough one but I think not

    Although I think mankind is stupid, destructive, arrogant and ignorant, it would take a premeditated and concerted effort to wipe us out. But this does not mean vast numbers of us won't be killed. This is happening all the time.
    I think there will be a nuclear war in the coming 20 years though.

  • Humanity Will Not Destroy Itself.

    It is my opinion that humanity will not destroy itself. Humanity has made many mistakes that have not been in its best interest. These mistakes have led to wars, strife and actions that have hurt the environment. It is my opinion, however, that humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the disastrous effects of its past actions. Many people are beginning to wake up and take action to correct these mistakes. They are realizing that by working together and helping each other it is possible to create a better world. There are many more groups now that are dedicated to helping others, saving the environment and bettering life for this and future generations. I believe that humanity is fully capable of avoiding apocalyptic predictions through working together and moving from being a society of "me" to a society of "we."

  • Humanity will NOT destroy itself

    It just doesn't make sense. The ozone layer is rebuilding, and has lower chances of being destroyed again. Global warming is drastically lowering. The world is as safe as can be. So far, we can only be destroyed by the sun when/if it explodes. But that's 5 billion years from now, and by then, we'll most likely be on other planets and be evacuating Earth so everybody can survive.

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