• Harmony can be achieved, we just have a long way to go.

    Everyone in the world enjoys peace. At this time humanity is trying so hard to break away from its core, which is in turn causing all of its problems. Of course when you get into politics and socio-economics this all gets extremely hairy but the root of all of our dissonance (in the most general sense) is our relationship with ourselves, with nature and our belief that we are something more special than the universe. Once we understand that we are merely an extension of the rest of existence including our collective consciousness we can then begin to have some control over ourselves. It will take a long time to get to this point. As it has been mentioned before, what is required is an equal playing field of knowledge. The collective consciousness of the world is confused and scared of itself yet I don't think the collective mind of humanity is even aware of that sweeping description. A mind that can't trust itself, and does not know it can't trust itself, is madness. Or just immaturity. It goes without saying, we are an extremely intelligent species if we want to be. As long as the individual takes responsibility for itself and commits to a positive view of the present and future, positivity will spread. We may seem hopeless, but we're still young. Humanity's timeline can be sectioned off in the same way our maturing lives are (infancy, adolescence, adulthood etc.). As an infants mind is impressionable and simple yet extreme, our early history is comparable to that. Using that type of thought process, we may be in the 6-8 age range. How irrational were you at that age? We have a lot of time to mature and mother nature is about to teach us a serious lesson. Global warming will be catastrophic, but just as a young child falls off its bike and breaks its leg, humanity will have to bear the pain for its ignorance and immaturity. No matter how horrible it will be, we will bounce back wiser than we were before, and on we'll grow and learn our place here was simpler than we thought. Nature is the answer and will always be the answer.

  • Possible, just not probable

    The human race has harmony built into our brains, we are a species that has the ability to coexist but the choice not to. Every human has their own opinion on every subject, however it does not mean that it is right because they are mostly uneducated over all facts of the situation. If everyone can get onto the same wavelength of wanting to pursue knowledge about everything instead of just the bubble around them then we automatically loose the ignorance that has plagued our minds. With appropriate knowledge over any subject there is less argument and more harmonic agreements, and the more people thinking the same way will encourage others to think that way. Eventually if the entire world can learn to take every opinion into account and start thinking long term sustainability instead of just the "bottom line" then our government, economy, food, business, education, war, etc. can ALL be fixed to a perfect system that can never collapse. The only problem is humans do not want an equal sustainable world because it would mean they have the same amount of power as everyone else and we have competition wired into our brains. Sports, social media, Hollywood movies, business monopolization, fancy cars, big houses, all perfect examples as to practices become so accustomed to our everyday lives that we don't think twice that they might not be the correct way of using our infinite source of knowledge. With the resources, man power, technology and plethora of knowledge can be used in our modern time to create the perfect world in which we can live in harmony with nature and each other. Although it most likely won't happen, it is still possible for it is written in our DNA.

  • Education & Ecnonomics

    Once 100% population of the world is educated and humanity learns to respect each others point of views,world peace will be achieved. However the major hurdle is to get there ? Corruption in poor countries to need stop so they can start developing and economic conditions of the population can improve.

  • Yes but not by natural means

    I think there is a high possibility that, when a suitable delivery method is engineered, that violence will be controlled in humans. If it is possible for a small percentage of the world population to be completely non-violent, then it is possible for 100%. I live in hope that our amazing race realises it's full potential and true peace becomes a part of every soul.

  • We will because we can.

    Humans will achieve peace if they learn the path of self- realization and awareness. We can achieve peace. The only problem is society degrades itself to meet the norms.They do not harness their intellectuality to become better persons. Our society lacks virtue, it is filled with self-sophisticating ideas. Society has lost decency and the culture every society follows tend to be generally unethical like infanticide, and apartheid (which is still occurring in the present.) But if we put aside differences that have heavy controversies and become aware of everything around us like our food induced with harmful chemicals, unethical practices by the institutions (religion,business), and tyranny posing as a good government. We can achieve peace, and that peace generally starts with the self. Everything is possible, it is up to man if he can win against the struggle, and that struggle is always within man.

  • Humans Will Eventually Be a Peaceful Species

    A wall of “No’s” on the left side of the ledger already, but I have to hold out hope, that, Biblical context not withstanding, that someday all the developing spirituality will eventually lead to a state of being where “man does not kill man”. Or try to steal his wife, his wallet, his car, all the money in his bank account via cyberspace, or any other of a plethora of heinous acts we perpetrate upon one another in today’s vastly self-absorbed world. Do I see this massive transformation in human peacefulness coming any time soon? Not on in this lifetime, but hopefully we will continue as a collective species to strive for the best we can be. Until then, keep your passwords strong!

  • No, the roots of conflict are too varied and numerous to ever allow collective violence to be done away with.

    Violence is born from competition, scarcity, and cultivated anger over past events and since these factors cannot be done away with. Peace can only be achieved where groups and nations manage to keep the violence they cause in a foreign locale. The current ethnic conflicts of today are born from this such as when Belgium found imperialism to be an unprofitable affair in Rwanda, the Tutsi and Hutu peoples were left to act out the result of the resulting power dynamic shift. That such violence and death should arise due to circumstances beyond the control of the participants shows violence is a unavoidable part of our social systems. This is reflected elsewhere such as in Nigeria and Central America where the use of local resources, oil or fruit respectively, could only be decided by violence as the power of the contestants had been so unevenly matched that violence was the simplest and most sure method of victory. However, even when separated from material causes violence is often caused simply because of tradition. The case of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples show a remarkable example where absurd amounts of death and damage are dealt out over socially constructed differences like religion and ethnic identity when in all other respects a Sefardi and Palestinian are identical.

    The evidence is clear that group violence is first a symptom of our economic situation and group organization, which is completely outside the control of many of the participants in violence and too beneficial to those that can. Secondly violence is nurtured to well and in to many of parts of our collective culture to ever allow a kind of widespread peace to become pervasive.

  • There will always be that one person ruining it for everyone

    I dont mean to sound like a pessimist but i dont not think we'll be able to reach true and total equality. There is to many things going on to stop it. And there will always be the one person filled with anger and hatred that will try to mess up the peace we so steadily are trying to obtain and hold. But you never know...

  • Humans are increasingly pervasive.

    As the years pass humans are more comfortable with intense violence and sex.It will enevitably come to all people fighting and having sex like wild animals- no, worse.Humans will eventually unleash nuclear fallout and all will be lost.This simply reminds me of games like the Fallout series and movies such as Mad Max, how sad.

  • We are too Immature

    With every fibre of my being, I want to say yes, but looking and learning from history, we cannot nor ever will achieve peaceful relations with each other because someone always wants more, I don't mean money or materials but power, every conflict in the world now and in the history, is not about financial gain, religion or creed, it is about POWER and nothing else. Maybe one day mankind will grow up but unfortunately we are still in our infancy. But the future is not written ........

  • It's just human nature, it's like our brains were wired for violence and violence is also in our genes

    When we look to the animal kingdom and human civilization, we can see that humans are willfully cruel while animals are not. We first started out as animals with the only insinct to survive. When we became intelligent we no longer needed to survive because we've already done that so our instincts was made into a drive to conquer. From then on did evil arise from our hearts along with dark desires to murder, steal and create wars. Just as how animals past there traits down to their offspring, we do the same by warping the minds of our children to be just as twisted and sickening as ours. Through this unending cycle of corruption, there will always be chaos and sins in the world. Humans just can't find peace. Even when they do, there so called peace changes nothing about reality, if anything when they try to perserve peace it only ends up creating more pain and suffering. It seems no matter what humans can never truly love each other due to their disgusting feelings for one another.

  • The Human Race In Everyone Eyes

    Humans can not obtain "peace."
    Your best friend asks you a question, a deep question. You respond with your "opinion," but guess what? Your best friend does not agree. Every single human being has a different brain, emotion, religion, experiences, and the list goes on. Even though this person (your best friend) does not agree with you, you guys begin to fight and debate on who is right. You can have different positions on almost any subject in this entire universe. One way or another, there will always be differences and fighting. As humans we do not like to be told we are wrong or that someone else is "better" then another. We can never agree and have complete peace with one another because of this. From day one, the human race decided that we would disobey. You can never obtain peace. There is no other species in this world that does not fight for power and the sheer will too live. Its sad but I personally do not believe we can obtain peace from all of the evidence.

  • Humans will not achieve peace at this rate.

    No, I do not think that humans will ever achieve peace, considering the way things are now. There are so many cultural differences in the world and this leads to conflict. I don't see the entire world letting go of all of this, so war will continue and peace will not be possible.

  • No humans will never achieve peace, there are too many conflicts in the world.

    No, I do not believe that humans will ever achieve peace. There are too many conflicts in the world, and too many people disagreeing on little things to big things and using war and violence to try and settle conflicts. A world with peace could be achievable if we all forgot our differences, but unfortunately that will never happen.

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