Will humans ever be able to know everything in the universe?

  • I side Yes!

    People and intelligence is advancing rapidly, it may not seem like we realize it because of our existence with linear time. But look back to a few hundred years ago, if they could see what we are doing now, they would be baffled. When I watch Star Wars (and I am not an avid fan) but I follow it from time to time, I am thinking to myself... "this will actually be real one day" at some point, we WILL be building star gates and time traveling. There are already other life forms doing this. We just don't have direct contact with them because they wouldn't want to cause mass panic. We are an evolutionary experiment as human beings here. Conscious reality will always exist and so will you, it ALWAYS has. There can't be "nothing" we are not an accident, we are here to do some work and raise the vibration of the planet, evolve, and eventually get out of here....

  • Of Course It Would Be Possible..

    Humans Are Smart Yes, I Know You Can't Read People's minds but you can mix 2 facts and boom there is going to be 1 more fact
    FOR Example Stars Are Manier Than Sand On Earth And Earth is Small
    If you look on the galaxy That Means We Are Really Small And Tiny To Be Seen NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • It is perfectly possible to know every single thing about this universe

    Those who disagree are unquestionable fools, because they choose to deny an undeniable fact. Human beings already possess approximately 90% of the knowledge in the universe, and I can say with 100% certainty that humanity will eventually know everything about the universe. Human beings, for example, already know exactly how this universe was created: The universe came from nothing, and this is a hardcore undeniable fact. All other theories have been discredited, and this is the only theory.

  • Knowledge of our universe is the next step of human evolution

    In the information age with the internet and technology, no information is destroyed, not only that but it is accessible anywhere at any time to anyone. The growth of knowledge is exponential, as is the advancement of technology, which will continuously speed up our ability to learn. Once we fully merge with technology, time is no longer an issue and we can leave earth to truly discover the truth behind existence.

  • Yes we already know everything, we just haven't connected the dots yet.

    If you know two facts, our minds can figure out and connect to those two facts and form more facts. Over time this will come naturally to understand, do you see how some people can predict the future due to past events? All the information is out there, its just connecting the dots, you would just have to understand how physics works to its complete extent, and everything can be explained.

  • Depends on what context

    Philosophically if you think about it, dead people have learned everything since their entire being has become one with the universe without the distraction of consciousness. But as far as cognitively learning everything goes, only time will determine whether we're capable of that or not. It would be an interesting era where a microscopic part of a universe (people) has become aware of every single thing around it.

  • Even though it seems that the more we know the more there is to know,with the advancement of science

    We seem to be learning things faster and faster due to the ability of inventing machines to help us answer any questions we can think of asking. The only thing that may disagree with this is would be a question we might not be able to think of asking ,if that's possible

  • I side yes

    I side yes because they found every thing in our solar system they can find everything in the universe.
    This takes a bit of explaining. Basically, the Universe was born about 14 billion years ago. That means that we can see only the stars and galaxies whose light has taken less than 14 billion years to get here. Objects whose light would take more than 14 billion years – well, their light has’t got here yet.

  • If we remain on the same track as the last 50 years ,yes definitely.

    We are evolving in terms of knowledge at an ever faster pace. We are beginning to come close to answer some of the biggest questions in the universe. As our technology is advancing we are using better equipment to conduct experiments ,LHC is 1 example . Soon we will be able to understand black holes , dark energy and all the other stuff if we soem mishap does'nt happen that is.

  • Yes, and depending on the definition, humans may already know everything in the universe.

    It is already possible that one could know everything possible in the universe, after first determining the scope of the universe you are talking about. Relatively speaking, this universe is a very small place with some pretty basic laws we all know. Compounding this fact is that each person determines the limitation of their own personal universe and can even compartmentalize data to tune out information that would be "harmful" to that scope. It was not long ago that we knew nothing of what existed beyond this planet. Far beyond that, when first evolving, we knew not much beyond the span of the plains we called a habitat. In each of these cases nothing but the limits of the imagination existed beyond our respective borders. Each place had a definable set of rules, laws, and data. However, it is quite possible that things exist beyond our universe, so it may not be possible to know everything ever possible. With enough effort, a strong-enough super computer, and a deeper understanding of geometry & probability / time & space, learning everything about this universe is absolutely possible.

  • Only God knows all.....

    If we knew it all, we'd be God, and theres only one God, besides, it would be so boring after a few days, if you knew it all, there'd be nothing that suprised you, nothing would ever take your breath away, no revelations or epiphanies, you would be bored untill you just took your own life. Only God has the ability to live in harmony and joy without being bored and lethargic from all onowledge. I personally wont to always be able to learn. To me, thats what being human is all about!

  • Quantum Mechanics has got the answer

    We cannot know the exact displacement and momentum of an electron, so we simply cannot have all the information of a quantum state at the same time. Solved. Them morons are saying everything is possible with the civilization of mankind should just read more book s on modern physics. BLAH!

  • Simply not possible

    By the time humans go extinct we would not have even scratched the surface of knowing everything so when we all go extinct just think can we learn everything in that time i think not... So i'm going to go with no and i'm just trying to get in enough words

  • Its impossible to know everything the world / universe well end befoor we have time to learn everything

    Idk what this means so fuck it something stuff dik w/e who cares idk umm world to fill this out cuz this needs works so i can post somethign here i just need a few more words like 10 more or so but now after saying how many more i need this is enough

  • The uncertainty principle

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  • The uncertainty principle

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  • The Limits of Human Comprehension

    I believe, were we higher beings, we may understand a large portion of reality. But we could never understand everything, as some things-such as a 'God' figure-would exist outside of our comprehensible reality. In the end, there's no real way to know everything, as much as we'd like to. Besides, were everything to be known, the thrill of discovery would be lost.

  • It's an impossible concept

    Within any given universe it is simply not possible to know or determine all there is to know from within that universe. The following URL makes the case for this theorem quite clearly in fairly understandable and unequivocal terms, without resort to use of esoteric reasoning or heavy duty mathematics.


  • Infinity is impossible

    To know everything? To know what the tree outside looks like exactly? To know the exact placement of its leaves at any given time? To know its exact genetic makeup? To master every art from cooking to sword fighting? To know how many ants there are on earth exactly? To know what it feels like to be ignorant? To speak with God? To know theres no god? To know the exact number of sand granules on every beach on the planet? To know what would happen in very single possible scenario of every single action of every moment of everything that has ever existed since the beginning of anything? Lol sorry for the rant but my answer is haeellll naawww

  • No because no one will be able to figure out what will happen too marrow

    It is not possible. Because no human can know everything or he would be known as the smartest but He will not be able to comprehend with it. All of the knowledge might just give him a stroke. The person that knows all of the knowledge. Will also be studied. And dissected to understand how he knows it.

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