Will India overtake China, Militarily and economically?

Asked by: PoliticalExpert
  • Yes, Of course!

    The Indian population has been growing rapidly, Along with the GDP per capita. If India manages to neutralize Pakistan and unite the entire subcontinent under Indian rule, India will be the victor. I would say that in 20 years India will be ready to defeat China, And erase off the face of humanity. Corruption in India has been dwindling much faster than in China and will soon be next to none.

  • Definitely not in the near future

    Definitely not, China has the larger population, The better land, The better economy, The better education, The better-everything. Now, Who's to say what'll happen in the far future, But definitely not in the next 10-20 years at least. India's growing population is not anything to be proud of btw, If y'all want to become industrialized like China is becoming closer to, Learn to use birth control, Jeez.

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