• Not today, but tomorrow maybe

    Interstellar travel right now, is a very very very distant thought. We hardly have enough energy to send a rocket with humans barely half between Mars and Jupiter, keeping in mind the immense amount of energy, funding and planning this would take, But probably in the future, such an endeavor is possible if alternative fuel sources are developed or better ones are found. And when I say future, I mean at least 2000 years until we get out of our solar system with at least a human on board.

  • Not now, but in the future

    Interstellar travel will certainly happen. It's just quite some time from now. There is a possibility that we could see it in our lifetime. Because people who were born in the 1960s have a chance to become a bicenturian (people who live at least 200 years). Unless we hit a quantum leap.

  • Yes, technology is getting close.

    Yes, Interstellar Travel will be possible, because scientists continue to make large advances in science. Only 50 years ago, NASA put a man on the moon. Shortly after that, they put robots on Mars. NASA is developing ways to produce oxygen in space, and other ways to facilitate long-term space travel. Interstellar travel will come from those advances.

  • We have a very long way to go.

    Interstellar space travel is not as easy as they make it
    seem on TV. Even if we could build space
    ships that could travel at the speed of light, all of the people on board of
    the ship would die before it arrived at the closest star. Actually, until we learn how to travel
    through worm holes, I don’t see interstellar space travel being very efficient.

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