Heck yea he will dog MAnz is da bomb #litfam. Manz was there for you when no one else was #selfish #manz5eva Just saying if you don't believe who will..?
    He is the original thug he don't drink if naggers don't be believn he can't so peace out yo yo
    Get behind da mannn #AKA

  • Johnny Manziel will not really go completely sober.

    Johnny Manziel's plans to go completely sober is indeed a good decision. However, it does not seem that he would be able to keep up with his new plans considering that, he wants to start work but after partying one more time. His decision to stop partying just before July fourth, does not seem to reflect his seriousness.

  • Fools and Drunkards Don't Change of their Own Accord

    Mr. Manziel has become quite accustomed to people giving him booze, sex, access and other gratuities without any need to changes his behavior. It is absurd to think that he will suddenly change his pattern because he won't play football; his actions indicate he cared less for the game than for the lifestyle, and he probably has the money to sustain the lifstyle.

  • No, Johnny Manziel will not go completely sober

    No, Johnny Manziel will not go completely sober. He is planning to go sober after a kegger. This fact alone shows his dedication to sobriety. He is not dedicated to being sober so it does not make sense to believe that he will have much success at staying sober. He needs to want to be sober.

  • No, he will not.

    Alcoholism is a serious disease, and takes a great deal of support. It also usually involves separating oneself from most of thier current friends and family in order to stay sober, because they are often not supportive or are otherwise enablers. Unless he has a strong sober support system it is unlikely.

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