Will killing ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi cause the Islamic State to crumble?

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  • No, I do not believe that killing ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi will cause the Islamic State to crumble.

    No, I do not believe that killing ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi will cause the Islamic State to crumble because I think that there are other leaders that are ready to take up his place. ISIS understands that in this line of work, their members don't live very long, and I think that they train different people to take up the mantle if and when Al-Baghdadi dies.

  • No, cutting off one head does not prevent the growth of another.

    No, killing ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi will not cause the Islamic State to crumble. Much like American government, the destruction of one leader does not leave an organization without a governing body. There are always rankings and a second in command, somebody waiting to take control in the absence of the current superior. Killing the ISIS leader would likely serve as a motivating affair, encouraging the rest of the organization to view him as a martyr and pursue retaliation.

  • No, there are many other threats.

    ISIS has many members who could effectively take Al-Baghdadi's place. Instead of attempting to eliminate individual members, it is important to battle the message of this organization. By spreading news of the negative things that they do, giving people alternatives and cutting out their social media accounts, the world can more effectively fight this group.

  • What does it have to do with Islamic State

    Seriously, I wish that we could stop associating Islamic state with radical terrorist organizations that chose to hide behind it. I got news for people who feel this way ISIS doesn't run Islamic state they have only used it as a shield. Also, taking down their leader changes nothing, there will be another person to come along to take over as when Bin Laden was taken down. Terrorist groups never die down I am sorry to say.

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