Will Lionel Messi actually retire from playing in the Argentinian national team?

  • Lionel Messi's career is over

    Lionel Messi has had a storied career playing for the Argentinian national team. However, there have recently been reports that he's planning to retire, and I'm inclined to believe them. He flubbed a penalty shootout in the Argentina v. Chile game, which is an indication that he's losing his touch and should bow out.

  • Yes, he is frustrated.

    Lionel Messi seems like he has had enough paving way for the untimely and unplanned retirement. Based on what he said was his reason for retirement, loosing four finals, it doesn't look like he was just saying it for the sake of it. He meant every word and I believe that marked the end of his international career.

  • Lionel Messi will not actually retire from playing in the Argentinian national team

    Lionel Messi will not actually retire from playing in the Argentinian national team. His post match whining the same is really no different than many athletes who speak off the cuff following a poor performance or brutal loss. Stay tuned, Messi is not going anywhere and is looking for attention and wants people to beg him to come back.

  • An eye for an eye, no.

    While I am truthfully on the fence on this one, I do not think this is the answer. I am uncertain putting someone to death is the answer. I feel that life in prison is a much worse punishment than death. Frankly given the choice, I personally would rather have a human death that spend my years behind bars and all that comes with that. So is killing someone really that correct punishment? Or is years behind bars to think about what they did and having to live with themselves. In the cases where is is mental illness and no remorse, they still have to live their lives behind bars. Personally, I think the death penalty gives them an out.

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