• Missed flights mean missed time

    Delta, and the airline industry as a whole, must work on providing adequate flights for their customers. There are few things more frustrating than planning a trip, and discovering that plans require rescheduling after arrival at the airport. Delta is likely to lose business by canceling flights, particularly if flights are canceled after check in.

  • Yes, mass cancellations will hurt Delta's business.

    Delta Airlines will take a substantial hit due to the company's mass cancellations. These widespread cancellations will inconvenience tens of thousands of airline passengers. This will cause flyers to book different airlines for their future flights. In short, Delta will take a substantial hit due to a drop off in flyers, as a result of the mass cancellations.

  • Delta is going under

    The airline Delta is headed for a massive decline in their business after hundreds of people cancelled their tickets. This is devastating for their business model: like any airline, they rely on ticket sales, so if many people don't want their tickets anymore, Delta doesn't have a hope of sustaining their business.

  • Yes, mass cancellations will hurt Delta right now.

    People start getting nervous when an airline has difficulties such as mass cancellations. When someone buys a ticket, they often need to be somewhere on a certain day. Dealing with cancellations is a pain and sometimes can cause major problems. Delta's business will even back out in the long run, but the issues will cause temporary loss of business.

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