Will Meryl and Maks make it to the finale of Dancing with the Stars?

  • Absolutely Mery & Maks Will WIN!

    Meryl and Maks WILL definitely be in the Finals and WILL win this season as long as there is NO favoritism w/ PROs and NO sympathy votes for any celebrity for whatever reason there is. All contestants should know when you join youre expected to do the different dancing styles with the expected techniques and artistry. Credit needs to be given to those who really work hard to achieve the WIN.

  • Yes, Meryl has some serious skill on the dancefloor and is a tough competitor to beat.

    Meryl's background in ice dancing certainly helps her in the ballroom. Her elegance is unmatched and her ability to learn choreography is unparalleled. She has all the qualities of a winner and more. Maks is a strong partner and has the experience to bring out the best in her and secure a win.

  • Meryl and Maks

    Dancing with the stars has really made it great to watch this season, with all this new talent, and sexy dances, and moves, who will make it to the final, Meryl and Maks have some delicate moves but will that be enough to sop up the judges? What is it, that you have to have to make your body come to life?

  • They will make it

    I'm not sure how this season will work with the "partner switch" gimmick. However both Meryl and Charlie should make it to the finals. They are two of the better dancers in the field. Meryl seems to be enjoying herself, and she is able to pick up the dances and has some chemistry with Maks. She will be in the final.

  • Sounds like the competition might be strong

    I do not have much expertise of this subject. Meryl and Maks sound like really good dancers. They must be, because they were able to get that far in the show. I just think the other team or teams are more skilled at dancing. Unless, the other teams have an off night, I just do not see Meryl and Maks winning the show.

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