• Yes, Mike Tirico will be missed.

    Mike Tirico is a sports newscaster who has over 25 years on the air. He has appeared weekly in the homes of millions of Americans, as well as people around the globe, including some who have grown up with him. It is safe to say that many of these people will miss seeing him.

  • Mike Tirico leaves behind a legacy

    Mike Tirico was best known as a sportscaster with ESPN. He announced that he plans to retire after the close of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer competition. This serves as the conclusion of a long and storied career in both radio and television. The lack of his distinctive presence in the sports world will certainly be felt.

  • He'll be slightly missed

    Tirico has been at ESPN for a long time. I can't say he was one of my favorites, but he was versatile and able to cover a range of different sports. He wasn't a huge personality , but I guess he's likeable enough. I don't think he'll leave a huge void, but he did a lot at ESPN.

  • Yes, Mike Tirico will definitely be missed.

    Yes, Mike Tirico will definitely be missed. Anyone who has happily worked at a job for 25 years will be missed. All the friends that he has made throughout the years will miss him and all the fans that he has gotten will miss him too. He was great at his job.

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