• Yes, MMA will make it's way into the Olympics.

    MMA is as global as soccer in terms of acceptance and fan base. Moreover, it is a true test of physical discipline and ability. If MMA existed when the Olympics began, it would have been a major highlight of the summer games. Whether or not it is safe or you agree with the sport is irrelevant. It is popular competition that is globally excepted.

  • It's on its way!

    The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is already staging international Amateur MMA tournaments that fit the Olympic format. The organisation is applying for official sport recognition through Sport Accord and already meets all necessary criteria. Sport Accord is the feeder organisation to the Olympics, but there is a lot of politics involved in being accepted. With Karate now in the Olympics for 2020, we could realistically see MMA find its way into the Olympics by 2028.

  • Of course it should

    MMA is a sport with adrenaline!!! In my opinion MMA deserves a chance in the Olympics more than other sports like golf were you don't physically exercise. Sports like trampoline or golf should not be concerned better than MMA!! MMA is a sport which concludes all the martial arts and entertains people as much as soccer or any other sport!!! MMA IN THE OLYMPICS!!!!

  • It is the best sport evevr

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  • MMA is a world wide sport

    It is a world wide sport and it should be in the Olympics because it has a huge fan base and everyone would watch it. People only don't like it because it influences kids to fight. That shouldn't be a problem because if they wanted to fight you would bring them to a karate or ju jitsu class where it is a safe environment to do so

  • Oh hell yeah

    There has been wrestling, taekwondo, etcetera, but why do traditional martial arts when you can do the more effective version of it? Olympic spectators want to see who is the best at something, and as displayed by UFC, it turns out MMA is the best, and so MMA will display who is the best at hand to hand combat.

  • Yes yes yes

    The only way this would be brought forward to become an Olympic sport, is by adding rules, changing the score system, more protective gear and no cages.

    No elbows would be used and no knees to the face. There would be no ground pound but instead, looking for the submission.

    Scoring points for strikes would be low since there is plenty of striking in the fights. Take downs would score bigger points than the striking. Scoring a KO or Submission gains the biggest points for the fighter or the team that fighter represents.

    I feel a grounding scoring system will make an Olympic MMA tournament very damn interesting to watch. When watching main stream MMA fights, everyone looks for the KO/Submission and not care for the points scored.

    So for me, it's adding more rules like what I mentioned, more protection for the fighters and the scoring system. Then MMA will be the must see sport at any Olympics.


  • The toughest nation

    I say that the MMA should be in the Olympics because, in essence, the winner would represent the "toughest" nation. If this were to occur, it would add another aspect to the olympics. Another reason for this would be the fact that MMA is such a prominent sport in the world.

  • Yes it should

    Can replace boxing, karate, and wrestling with the one sport . There's to many unnecessary events in the summer games all ready. I'm sure this would also increase in tress to the olimpics to a young generation. Let's get together and make mixed martial arts a part of the new summer games.

  • Bang bang skeet skeet nigguh

    MMA is a warrior's sport. People say that it is incredibly dangerous but you can get hurt equally as bad as any sport. A good way to test if what I am saying is valuable, is try MMA. Saying MMA isn't dangerous is like saying soccer is gay, so basically it's true. All sports have a level of risk of injury. Also, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and it's a mix of traditional martial arts such as taekwondo, san shou, karate, wrestling, boxing, muay thai, etc. MMA will make the olympics a TRUELY FUN EVENT.

  • It's a sport, but it is not the "olympic" style sport

    Generally when you see the olympics everything about it is squeaky clean competition. Boxing for example, everbody has head guards and the rules are about the hit ratio of the opponents. When you consider MMA it's a bit more complicated. MMA is a sport based in a steel cage where the preise is like boxing but there are more elements to consider in the rules. MMA is also a self sustainable sport and can exist without the olympics safely. IOt's growth is still increasing to this day with the success of UFC and Bellator etc. All i'm gonna say is that MMA doesn't need the Oltmpics.

  • No MMA will not be in the Olympics.

    Although MMA is a sport, it will never actually make it to the Olympics as it is to violent and offensive to many cultures. They have tried to reduce the violence in and injuries in the Olympics and if they were to try to do add MMA many countries might complain about the injuries to their competitors.

  • Too much recovery time is needed.

    I would love to watch MMA become an Olympic sport, but I doubt it ever will. My main reason is that it wouldn't be completely fair. Just like the old days of UFC, many winners receive injuries (e.G. Hand, foot, nose, etc) and are unable to safely continue fighting within the timeframe that the Olympics lasts. MMA is also a misunderstood sport, with many of it's participants not helping it out. Most fighters are well disciplined professionals, but it is still widely not excepted around the world. And lastly, with the Olympics recently getting rid of wrestling, I can't see the committee bringing in MMA.

  • MMA in the Olympics is doubtful

    I really don't think it will. While I most certainly would not be opposed to such things, I don't think people would support it. We as a people are still burdened with our opinions and racism. We tend to view people on our playing field and not their own, which is the very reason we will not see it happen.

  • No, MMA will not be in the Olympis

    Although MMA is popular, I don't think it has an amateur program much like that in boxing or the participation worldwide that amateur boxing enjoys. I think it is more likely that boxing will be dropped as an Olympic sport than MMA will become and Olympic sport. Also, I don't think the Olympics will open up to professional fighters like they have basketball players.

  • No, it's doubtful that it will

    Olympic sports require well defined rules that can be universally enforceable. Furthermore, these rules have to acceptable on an international basis. Safety is a big concern in Olympic sports. For example, Olympic boxing is much different than professional boxing for many of the reasons cited. MMA is a sport for entertainment value. It's not likely that, in its present form, it could become a viable Olympic event.

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