• Yes, Nancy Grace will be missed.

    Nancy Grace will be leaving her show on the Headline News Network. Nancy Grace has a unique personality and substantial knowledge of the criminal justice system. This made her show become popular with many that enjoy crime related news stories. Therefore, she will be missed by much of her audience; because there is not one else like her on television.

  • Absoulutely! Nancy Grace spoke her mind.

    Nancy Grace will be missed. Why? The reasons are obvious. We need more people like Nancy Grace. We need people who are not afraid to speak their minds, who are not afraid to fight for children, who are not afraid to put themselves on the line for what they believe in. Nancy was a force that's for sure. Never one to shy away from controversy, if you had Nancy Grace on your side then you knew you were going to be fought for. I wish her all the best, but personally I will miss her "bark" very much.

  • Just another blowhard

    Angry, misguided words are a dime a dozen, and some other vitriolic blonde lady will take her place. The shows are not unique, not especially beneficial to society at large and provides limited value. Her audience will find another way to get riled up and the rest of us will find somebody else to tweet about.

  • She's a loud, obnoxious person

    I personally couldn't care less if I ever saw Nancy Grace again. She is loud, obnoxious, and annoying, and tends to think that she is right about everything. She has an opinion about everybody, right from the start, and does everything she can to disprove and demerit the people she believes are wrong.

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