Will Obama turn the U.S. into a socialist country?

  • Punishment for the successful

    Through incentivized government dependence, decreased accountability, and an overall lack of involvement by the people of the United States, I do believe Obama will turn us to the path so many of us fear. Yet as a country we allow it to happen. We must educate our children of the dangers of ideologies from the progressive left, along with our standing together and defending what has made this country great. Take the battle to them, don't roll over like a dog that has been beaten by his master. We are free men and I intend to retain my freedom at all costs.

  • Socialism is great!

    Look at Europe, the economy is just as dire as the US's, yet the people are calmer. Japan and South Korea have socialized healthcare and subsidies for education and transport...Great stuff! I do hope that Obama can change the US into a livable and likeable country through a good dose of socialism.

  • He is already transforming America like he promised. To a socialist country.

    ObamaCare mandated laws that they knew would force American citizens by the millions to lose their health insurance. It was an intended consequence to force people onto the exchanges and fund this monstrosity. 1/6 of the American economy will now be controlled by our government. Our privacy with it.

    ObamaCare is double to triple the cost of your old monthly premium. It has a high deductible of 80-70% . A yearly deductible from 1-8k a year depending on your plan plus a co-pay. In essence every plan has the above unless you can afford to buy the platinum plan in which then you can skip all this crap and pay a hefty premium per month of at least $900 and upwards.

    The bronze plan is the most affordable at $550 per month. It has all the above horrible deductibles
    and does not cover hardly anything and hits the 8k deductible (if not more) then your covered at 70% so your paying that extra 30% plus your copay. Most hospital and doctors will not take ObamaCare at it pays as much as Medicare/Medicaid.

    If your thinking ObamaCare subsidy you need to make less then 32k per year for a family of four.
    He has just destroyed the middle class who cannot pay these enormous fee or his forced penalty fee. He has literally killed the middle class with this so that we are all poor.

  • Look around you...

    America is slowly but surely turning into a socialist/police state. FEMA preparations in region 3, forced home searches, Russian troops on American soil, the patriot act, the gun laws, the list just goes on. I think it'll start off with martial law first, and after that riots will just break out everywhere. I think that's what FEMA has been preparing for, if you don't believe me do your own research and explain to me why they've had millions of bullets ordered to region 3

  • Country is broke

    No jobs for our economy and he has had nearly 4 /12 years to fix it. He isn't. He is Muslim too. He wants our country to be poor and look like Pakistan. Uprising in those countries are caused by unemployment and they need money. He is just no good and I will be glad when he is gone for good...His history won't b nice to him for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Obama and the liberal media have already begun turning the US into a socialist country.

    Slowly, bit by bit, our rights have been disappearing. Freedom to religion and speech are only allowed if they are considered "politically correct" by liberals. The right to bear arms, the right to privacy, the right to life are all being trampled upon. Our media is censored and biased, spreading socialist propaganda throughout our country. Taxpayers and businesses are being forced to fund activities that we consider morally wrong (e.G., Planned Parenthood). We are being forced to carry health insurance even if we do not want it. Infanticide has been happening all over the country. Where is the outrage? Where is the media?

    The government is now coming into the states and taking away the states rights. They are coming into our schools and mandating the curriculum and even what text books are being used. They are dictating what our children learn. And any state that refuses to do so loses all federal funding. This is extortion. They are molding our children's minds to all think and act the same, like little socialist robots. I ask again, where is the outrage?

    I am terrified about the future of our country, the country that my children and grandchildren will be living in. Where has the American dream of working hard to become successful gone? Now people expect handouts. Our country is bankrupt. Our rights are being trampled on. And this is only the start. Unless people start giving a damn, we are headed straight for socialism. Have we all forgotten what the National Socialists group (AKA the Nazis) did throughout Europe? One day we may just wake up to the Catholics, Republicans, and other morally minded people being carted off to concentration camps.

  • He already has accomplished this

    Socialists have always known that Americans would never knowingly institute socialism. Instead, social democrats restructured Lenin's view that revolution is at the heart of a socialist uprising and replaced it with a doctrine of gradualism. The United States has been moving towards socialism since 1934. The New Deal, under Roosevelt, massively expanded unions, allowed for public sector unions, and created the framework for our modern entitlement state through the creation of Social Security. Few realize that the Ware Group, a group of communists that included Algir Hiss, wrote much of the law themselves. In the 1960s Lyndon Johnson created the Great Society Initiative that essentially said government is the mecca of efficiency. Ironically, Detroit was the model city of the Great Society. Under Johnson, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability and a host of other programs were created. All of which temporarily alleviated suffering but hooked the lower class on programs that changed the family structure. No longer were 2 incomes necessary to raise a child. Now you could apply for Government assistance. 50 years later we have spent Trillions of dollars to end poverty, and there is a higher % of people today below the poverty line than on the day the legislation was written into law. Nobody knew what a baby boomer was in 1965. The law has created all kinds of indirect pathways to insolvency as 10 people retire per day, than enter the workforce. The payroll taxes that fund Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be insolvent within 20 years. Not enough people work to pay the thousands of baby boomers retiring daily, and living longer than ever. What's also interesting is the fact that when the Social Security Act was created, life expectancy was 65. Most people died before they ever received it. All it's taken is one generation to turn it into an entitlement. Meanwhile, nobody even cares or realizes that the program was NEVER intended to be a monthly annuity for 30 years to supplement your retirement.
    Our unfunded liabilities is currently upwards of 150 Trillion dollars. These liabilities are the sum total of the promises that government has made to pay for medicare, medicaid, obamacare, social security, disability, government employee healthcare and pensions. In other words, there is currently ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance that the United States of America will not collapse within 30 years. The issues aren't even that complex. The problem is, politicians don't feel the need to be the person to bring up making cuts to programs today, for something that isn't going to hit the fan until 20 years from now. They are more worried about their re-elections.

    Obama is a socialist for so many reasons. His messages are constantly delivered with a notion of fairness, fair share, fair shake, etc. The stimulus was the most wasteful piece of legislation in the history of the World. He passed health care legislation that is designed to fail. Thus nationalizing 20% of our economy into a one payer Medicare style system. There is no mathematical way that the government can sustain itself. He does not want to even guard the borders. His administration promotes American entitlement programs in Mexico.
    Unless you've been under a rock for 5 years, it's painfully obvious that Obama runs a system of misinformation reminiscent of classic Soviet Union propaganda wherein, you say one thing, and either do nothing, or the opposite without ever acknowledging it. You distract the populous while doing so, and they willfully will move on to the next subject. That's partly why his policies seem so schizophrenic and seemingly change direction every week. Meanwhile since he's taken office he has Radicalized the Department of Justice, the EPA, DEA, FBI, DHS, IRS, NSA amongst others. He has massively expanded an Orwellian police state against Americans, while clearly the law was intended for targeting terrorists. He has spent more than all of the other President's combined. He nationalized 1/5 of our economy, but it simply hasn't taken effect yet. He is declaring blanket Amnesty and chain migration which will import 46 million immigrants into the United States within 15 years, he refuses to acknowledge the train wreck ahead for entitlement programs, and instead demonized his 2012 election opponents for doing so. He follows the classic playbook of Marxism and his papers on the agitation of the proletariat over the ruling class through his class warfare divisive comments. Americans are slowly losing their civil rights as domestic spying ignores the constitution to collect information on people not even suspected of crimes. He labeled Bush unjust for waterboarding, yet kills people w/drones without interrogating or even talking to them rather, before they are assassinated. He has conducted massive coverups over Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS radicalization policies to stop the grassroots growth of an opposition Tea Party and through it all has said he's outraged by each individual event and then does nothing.
    The USA is no more. We will have European style austerity here within one decade. The stock market is pumped with 90 billion per month from the Federal Reserve who now operate as a gigantic ponzi scheme that can nor ever intend to pay back the 17 trillion dollars in foreign debt. Obama has guaranteed socialism. If not directly by his policies, but simply for his inaction to curb spending and future entitlement obligations. It will ensure a massive devaluation, austerity, massive tax hikes which will essentially create a doctrine of total wealth redistribution in order for us to even make the interest payments on our debt. Every American should be making preparations for what's coming. If not, good luck to you.

  • Most are blind to this.

    It seems as if every day the federal government gets stronger. Being wealthy and succeeding is starting to be a BAD thing. Our government is invading our lives piece by piece, as we see with whistleblowers that do the right thing and inform the people of it. But hey, if you do the right thing and tell the truth, the government comes after you too! Just like if you own a gun, the government now comes after you! Our freedoms are being taken away from us bit by bit, whether we realize it or not. And it's all covered up by the huge emphasis on social issues, hardly acknowledging government scandals, and by all the new heads of government agencies appointed!

  • I don't see enough of the money I earned.

    The first five hours of every 12 hour shift I work goes to my ex wife. The next four goes to the government, and the last three actually end up in my bank account so I can pay my mortgage, car payment, and basic household bill...All so I can end up dipping into my overdraft protection at the bank and not afford to do crap.

    I put myself through college working a full time job and work an extremely stressful job. I should not be giving that much to the govt.

  • We are becoming more of a totalitarian state with socialist tendencies

    U.S. Government owns mortgage market, student loans, over-regulates businesses, liberally gives food stamps to those who are not deserving, plus Obama-care is effectively socialized medical care. Meanwhile, Federal Reserve has distorted financial markets through debt monetization and zero interest rate policy for over 4 1/2 years! That penalizes savers and retired folks that must live off savings interest which is now zero.

  • I truly wish he would:(

    First let me start off by saying I am a Communist and yes I live in the United States. Unfortunately, Obama is FAR from Socialism let alone Communism. To prove it he would have already destroyed the class warfare that continues to go on in this country. He is indeed one of the most progressive presidents this country has had in a LONG time and I would much rather have him than say that disgrace of a human named Bush, but he still represents the one thing I HATE about the United States...Capitalism!

  • No, Obama will not turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

    No, I don't believe that Obama will turn the U.S. into a Socialist country. There has been a push from the political right to name much of Obama's economic policies "Socialist" or "Communist", but in reality his policies have very little to do with Communism. The main support they have for this claim is Obamacare, but it isn't actually a Socialist plan by any means, it just helps the unfortunate who cannot afford healthcare get some.

  • No. The notion is absurd.

    Obama's policies are actually heavily market-based and capitalistic. He may be to the left of the GOP, but he is well to the right of any country that has a socialist government or even just a social democracy, like Sweden. The people who says he promotes socialism are people whose understanding of socialism is incredibly limited. Furthermore, he has been in office for four years and we have not turned into a socialist country yet.

  • no, he will not

    This is a scare campaign used against Obama during the elections and I don't believe there is any truth to the notion that that is what he has in mind. Universal health care has attempted by several administrations but never obtained until now. I don't know what the reasons are that people say this about Obama, but it seems a lot of people in America are interested in some sort of more equitable distribution of wealth, does that mean America is becoming socialist?

  • No, Obama will not turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

    This country is not socialism and can't be. The people of the United States of America will not let this country be made into a socialist country. No socialist will make it to the 2016 presidential elections anyway. You guys really should look and the definition. It would help you.

  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American Corporate socialism

    America is being run not by our government but by big corporation and they decide what laws are being made by buying off everyone not only at the federal level but on down to state and local levels mostly because for the love of money the greedy have completely forgot about their fellow Americans they could care less this goes for republicans and democrats alike. All bonuses , stock options and any perks should be done away with at all levels in any corporation . Let them live with just a fair and just fair hourly wage not salary and clock in so their presence is monitored also while at work.

  • Bernie Sanders Will

    No President Obama will not turn the country socialist. I think he should have, but without support from Congress he hasn't a chance. However if/ hopefully when Bernie Sanders is elected, he wants to ensure free public colleges, universal health care, and end massive wealth inequality. That is true socialism and it would almost certainly benefit our country hugely.

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