Will Obama turn the U.S. into a socialist country?

  • He is already transforming America like he promised. To a socialist country.

    ObamaCare mandated laws that they knew would force American citizens by the millions to lose their health insurance. It was an intended consequence to force people onto the exchanges and fund this monstrosity. 1/6 of the American economy will now be controlled by our government. Our privacy with it.

    ObamaCare is double to triple the cost of your old monthly premium. It has a high deductible of 80-70% . A yearly deductible from 1-8k a year depending on your plan plus a co-pay. In essence every plan has the above unless you can afford to buy the platinum plan in which then you can skip all this crap and pay a hefty premium per month of at least $900 and upwards.

    The bronze plan is the most affordable at $550 per month. It has all the above horrible deductibles
    and does not cover hardly anything and hits the 8k deductible (if not more) then your covered at 70% so your paying that extra 30% plus your copay. Most hospital and doctors will not take ObamaCare at it pays as much as Medicare/Medicaid.

    If your thinking ObamaCare subsidy you need to make less then 32k per year for a family of four.
    He has just destroyed the middle class who cannot pay these enormous fee or his forced penalty fee. He has literally killed the middle class with this so that we are all poor.

  • Punishment for the successful

    Through incentivized government dependence, decreased accountability, and an overall lack of involvement by the people of the United States, I do believe Obama will turn us to the path so many of us fear. Yet as a country we allow it to happen. We must educate our children of the dangers of ideologies from the progressive left, along with our standing together and defending what has made this country great. Take the battle to them, don't roll over like a dog that has been beaten by his master. We are free men and I intend to retain my freedom at all costs.

  • We are becoming socialist.

    We could soon lose our right to bear arms. Security cameras are being installed everywhere. We've been distracted pretty good from this tyrannical plot. All the news (except Benghazi and the IRS scandal) recently has been about stupid things like JB's new single (common example). We are becoming a socialist nation. I named only a few.

  • Redistribution, removal of gun-rights, and dependence on Federal Government.

    Everything that he has passed has had something to do with redistribution of wealth (Obamacare, allowing food stamps for illegal immigrants, etc.). Mainly this is the focus of a communist society but the main difference is that a communism redistributes through the use of military force and dependence upon federal government. If you look at what has happened with the debate over gun-control you can see where this is beginning to take shape. Will he do it? No, but he is the one laying the foundation for the next democratic candidate to do so. He has a following of idiots who will do whatever he says and agree no matter whether he is right or wrong and whoever he endorses will be our next president. It's a choice, do you want to be free and have the right to chose your own destiny or let the government feed, clothe, and house you and sacrifice all of your freedoms?

  • It's What He Wants!

    That has been his plan all along. If you look at his track record, nearly everything he has done has been to push us toward becoming a socialist country. I don't know if he is doing it because he is some sort of idealist and thinks he can make it work where everyone is equal or if it is for other reasons, but either way, it isn't the place I thought I would be living and raising children. If it came to that, I would definitely leave. Until then, I will stay and continue to fight for less government, not more.

  • killing our country

    The president has a taken a well developed free-market country, and turned it into a socialist communist country. Not trying to say helping the people in need is a bad thing but why should you take stuff from the people who work hard for their stuff and give it to the lazy. Just because you dont have a job the goverment.... Or rather i say our president gives the hard workers/tax payer's money to them. The president is just adding more to his debt!!!!

  • Yes, Obama will turn the U.S. into a socialist country

    I strongly believe Obama will turn he U.S. into a socialist Country. This appears to of been his goal from the very beginning, and he was only waiting to get re elected to finally go through with it. I think it would be a very bad idea and won't improve the country.

  • Look around you...

    America is slowly but surely turning into a socialist/police state. FEMA preparations in region 3, forced home searches, Russian troops on American soil, the patriot act, the gun laws, the list just goes on. I think it'll start off with martial law first, and after that riots will just break out everywhere. I think that's what FEMA has been preparing for, if you don't believe me do your own research and explain to me why they've had millions of bullets ordered to region 3

  • Socialism is great!

    Look at Europe, the economy is just as dire as the US's, yet the people are calmer. Japan and South Korea have socialized healthcare and subsidies for education and transport...Great stuff! I do hope that Obama can change the US into a livable and likeable country through a good dose of socialism.

  • Country is broke

    No jobs for our economy and he has had nearly 4 /12 years to fix it. He isn't. He is Muslim too. He wants our country to be poor and look like Pakistan. Uprising in those countries are caused by unemployment and they need money. He is just no good and I will be glad when he is gone for good...His history won't b nice to him for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • I truly wish he would:(

    First let me start off by saying I am a Communist and yes I live in the United States. Unfortunately, Obama is FAR from Socialism let alone Communism. To prove it he would have already destroyed the class warfare that continues to go on in this country. He is indeed one of the most progressive presidents this country has had in a LONG time and I would much rather have him than say that disgrace of a human named Bush, but he still represents the one thing I HATE about the United States...Capitalism!

  • No, Obama will not turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

    No, I don't believe that Obama will turn the U.S. into a Socialist country. There has been a push from the political right to name much of Obama's economic policies "Socialist" or "Communist", but in reality his policies have very little to do with Communism. The main support they have for this claim is Obamacare, but it isn't actually a Socialist plan by any means, it just helps the unfortunate who cannot afford healthcare get some.

  • No. The notion is absurd.

    Obama's policies are actually heavily market-based and capitalistic. He may be to the left of the GOP, but he is well to the right of any country that has a socialist government or even just a social democracy, like Sweden. The people who says he promotes socialism are people whose understanding of socialism is incredibly limited. Furthermore, he has been in office for four years and we have not turned into a socialist country yet.

  • no, he will not

    This is a scare campaign used against Obama during the elections and I don't believe there is any truth to the notion that that is what he has in mind. Universal health care has attempted by several administrations but never obtained until now. I don't know what the reasons are that people say this about Obama, but it seems a lot of people in America are interested in some sort of more equitable distribution of wealth, does that mean America is becoming socialist?

  • No, but I wish it was.

    Are you equally aware that this could be a sign of an upcoming fascist state, which is a side effect to Americas long term Capitalist nightmare. Both are authoritarian. Or secondly it could be that the countries people wants to go to socialism and the government are clinging onto the long term impossible working capitalism.

    Capitalism is every man for himself which does not work in the animal kingdom (Alphas in lions yes, but all others co-operate for the greater good).

  • Sadly no, but pray it does turn into a socialist country. (bounded by a constitution of course)

    Socialism if its used right can provide free housing and education AND food for everyone's tables. Its literal equality. No more parties and bickering. No corruption. A utopia were crime is limited because everyone is happy. If Obama does, I will welcome it with open arms. With the republican supremacy in Congress socialism will not take place. Sadly.
    If you want to see less people dying from hunger....Socialism helps.

  • Sadly no, but pray it does turn into a socialist country. (bounded by a constitution of course)

    Socialism if its used right can provide free housing and education AND food for everyone's tables. Its literal equality. No more parties and bickering. No corruption. A utopia were crime is limited because everyone is happy. If Obama does, I will welcome it with open arms. With the republican supremacy in Congress socialism will not take place. Sadly.
    If you want to see less people dying from hunger....Socialism helps.

  • America had always been this way.

    The first time and day that African Americans, Native Americans, Women, Jewish, etc. Had rights equal to that of the European Americans, the country turned socialist. By definition, socialism is when every body has equal opportunities . The United States started to be socialist in 1971 with the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • FDR Institutionalized Socialism Back in the 1930s

    FDR already did it with Social Security. The only way to control the cost of healthcare in a capitalist economy is to regulate cost. This is the ultimate goal of any regulatory price capping. This was done years ago with Medicare and Medicaid. If this hadn't been done, the U.S. Healthcare situation would be MUCH worse than it is currently.

  • Obama want's Capitalism and Socialism

    The United States has always been socialist in a way. We have taxes which is a socialistic practice. As
    a Capitalistic-Socialistic country, we need to balance the 2 so we may generate money in and
    distribute it to most if not every American. When everybody has money, people spend which keeps
    the economy going.

    Successful countries cannot be ran on capitalism and socialism alone. Countries such as Norway, Germany and Sweden have roughly a 60% socialistic, 40% capitalistic country. A good country uses capitalism to bring in the revenue and socialism to spread the revenue around the country. Capitalism and socialism are more successful together than they are individually ANY DAY!

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