Will Obama turn the U.S. into a socialist country?

  • Socialism is great!

    Look at Europe, the economy is just as dire as the US's, yet the people are calmer. Japan and South Korea have socialized healthcare and subsidies for education and transport...Great stuff! I do hope that Obama can change the US into a livable and likeable country through a good dose of socialism.

  • Punishment for the successful

    Through incentivized government dependence, decreased accountability, and an overall lack of involvement by the people of the United States, I do believe Obama will turn us to the path so many of us fear. Yet as a country we allow it to happen. We must educate our children of the dangers of ideologies from the progressive left, along with our standing together and defending what has made this country great. Take the battle to them, don't roll over like a dog that has been beaten by his master. We are free men and I intend to retain my freedom at all costs.

  • He is already transforming America like he promised. To a socialist country.

    ObamaCare mandated laws that they knew would force American citizens by the millions to lose their health insurance. It was an intended consequence to force people onto the exchanges and fund this monstrosity. 1/6 of the American economy will now be controlled by our government. Our privacy with it.

    ObamaCare is double to triple the cost of your old monthly premium. It has a high deductible of 80-70% . A yearly deductible from 1-8k a year depending on your plan plus a co-pay. In essence every plan has the above unless you can afford to buy the platinum plan in which then you can skip all this crap and pay a hefty premium per month of at least $900 and upwards.

    The bronze plan is the most affordable at $550 per month. It has all the above horrible deductibles
    and does not cover hardly anything and hits the 8k deductible (if not more) then your covered at 70% so your paying that extra 30% plus your copay. Most hospital and doctors will not take ObamaCare at it pays as much as Medicare/Medicaid.

    If your thinking ObamaCare subsidy you need to make less then 32k per year for a family of four.
    He has just destroyed the middle class who cannot pay these enormous fee or his forced penalty fee. He has literally killed the middle class with this so that we are all poor.

  • Most are blind to this.

    It seems as if every day the federal government gets stronger. Being wealthy and succeeding is starting to be a BAD thing. Our government is invading our lives piece by piece, as we see with whistleblowers that do the right thing and inform the people of it. But hey, if you do the right thing and tell the truth, the government comes after you too! Just like if you own a gun, the government now comes after you! Our freedoms are being taken away from us bit by bit, whether we realize it or not. And it's all covered up by the huge emphasis on social issues, hardly acknowledging government scandals, and by all the new heads of government agencies appointed!

  • I don't see enough of the money I earned.

    The first five hours of every 12 hour shift I work goes to my ex wife. The next four goes to the government, and the last three actually end up in my bank account so I can pay my mortgage, car payment, and basic household bill...All so I can end up dipping into my overdraft protection at the bank and not afford to do crap.

    I put myself through college working a full time job and work an extremely stressful job. I should not be giving that much to the govt.

  • We are becoming more of a totalitarian state with socialist tendencies

    U.S. Government owns mortgage market, student loans, over-regulates businesses, liberally gives food stamps to those who are not deserving, plus Obama-care is effectively socialized medical care. Meanwhile, Federal Reserve has distorted financial markets through debt monetization and zero interest rate policy for over 4 1/2 years! That penalizes savers and retired folks that must live off savings interest which is now zero.

  • Look around you...

    America is slowly but surely turning into a socialist/police state. FEMA preparations in region 3, forced home searches, Russian troops on American soil, the patriot act, the gun laws, the list just goes on. I think it'll start off with martial law first, and after that riots will just break out everywhere. I think that's what FEMA has been preparing for, if you don't believe me do your own research and explain to me why they've had millions of bullets ordered to region 3

  • Country is broke

    No jobs for our economy and he has had nearly 4 /12 years to fix it. He isn't. He is Muslim too. He wants our country to be poor and look like Pakistan. Uprising in those countries are caused by unemployment and they need money. He is just no good and I will be glad when he is gone for good...His history won't b nice to him for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Obama and the liberal media have already begun turning the US into a socialist country.

    Slowly, bit by bit, our rights have been disappearing. Freedom to religion and speech are only allowed if they are considered "politically correct" by liberals. The right to bear arms, the right to privacy, the right to life are all being trampled upon. Our media is censored and biased, spreading socialist propaganda throughout our country. Taxpayers and businesses are being forced to fund activities that we consider morally wrong (e.G., Planned Parenthood). We are being forced to carry health insurance even if we do not want it. Infanticide has been happening all over the country. Where is the outrage? Where is the media?

    The government is now coming into the states and taking away the states rights. They are coming into our schools and mandating the curriculum and even what text books are being used. They are dictating what our children learn. And any state that refuses to do so loses all federal funding. This is extortion. They are molding our children's minds to all think and act the same, like little socialist robots. I ask again, where is the outrage?

    I am terrified about the future of our country, the country that my children and grandchildren will be living in. Where has the American dream of working hard to become successful gone? Now people expect handouts. Our country is bankrupt. Our rights are being trampled on. And this is only the start. Unless people start giving a damn, we are headed straight for socialism. Have we all forgotten what the National Socialists group (AKA the Nazis) did throughout Europe? One day we may just wake up to the Catholics, Republicans, and other morally minded people being carted off to concentration camps.

  • He already has accomplished this

    Socialists have always known that Americans would never knowingly institute socialism. Instead, social democrats restructured Lenin's view that revolution is at the heart of a socialist uprising and replaced it with a doctrine of gradualism. The United States has been moving towards socialism since 1934. The New Deal, under Roosevelt, massively expanded unions, allowed for public sector unions, and created the framework for our modern entitlement state through the creation of Social Security. Few realize that the Ware Group, a group of communists that included Algir Hiss, wrote much of the law themselves. In the 1960s Lyndon Johnson created the Great Society Initiative that essentially said government is the mecca of efficiency. Ironically, Detroit was the model city of the Great Society. Under Johnson, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability and a host of other programs were created. All of which temporarily alleviated suffering but hooked the lower class on programs that changed the family structure. No longer were 2 incomes necessary to raise a child. Now you could apply for Government assistance. 50 years later we have spent Trillions of dollars to end poverty, and there is a higher % of people today below the poverty line than on the day the legislation was written into law. Nobody knew what a baby boomer was in 1965. The law has created all kinds of indirect pathways to insolvency as 10 people retire per day, than enter the workforce. The payroll taxes that fund Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be insolvent within 20 years. Not enough people work to pay the thousands of baby boomers retiring daily, and living longer than ever. What's also interesting is the fact that when the Social Security Act was created, life expectancy was 65. Most people died before they ever received it. All it's taken is one generation to turn it into an entitlement. Meanwhile, nobody even cares or realizes that the program was NEVER intended to be a monthly annuity for 30 years to supplement your retirement.
    Our unfunded liabilities is currently upwards of 150 Trillion dollars. These liabilities are the sum total of the promises that government has made to pay for medicare, medicaid, obamacare, social security, disability, government employee healthcare and pensions. In other words, there is currently ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance that the United States of America will not collapse within 30 years. The issues aren't even that complex. The problem is, politicians don't feel the need to be the person to bring up making cuts to programs today, for something that isn't going to hit the fan until 20 years from now. They are more worried about their re-elections.

    Obama is a socialist for so many reasons. His messages are constantly delivered with a notion of fairness, fair share, fair shake, etc. The stimulus was the most wasteful piece of legislation in the history of the World. He passed health care legislation that is designed to fail. Thus nationalizing 20% of our economy into a one payer Medicare style system. There is no mathematical way that the government can sustain itself. He does not want to even guard the borders. His administration promotes American entitlement programs in Mexico.
    Unless you've been under a rock for 5 years, it's painfully obvious that Obama runs a system of misinformation reminiscent of classic Soviet Union propaganda wherein, you say one thing, and either do nothing, or the opposite without ever acknowledging it. You distract the populous while doing so, and they willfully will move on to the next subject. That's partly why his policies seem so schizophrenic and seemingly change direction every week. Meanwhile since he's taken office he has Radicalized the Department of Justice, the EPA, DEA, FBI, DHS, IRS, NSA amongst others. He has massively expanded an Orwellian police state against Americans, while clearly the law was intended for targeting terrorists. He has spent more than all of the other President's combined. He nationalized 1/5 of our economy, but it simply hasn't taken effect yet. He is declaring blanket Amnesty and chain migration which will import 46 million immigrants into the United States within 15 years, he refuses to acknowledge the train wreck ahead for entitlement programs, and instead demonized his 2012 election opponents for doing so. He follows the classic playbook of Marxism and his papers on the agitation of the proletariat over the ruling class through his class warfare divisive comments. Americans are slowly losing their civil rights as domestic spying ignores the constitution to collect information on people not even suspected of crimes. He labeled Bush unjust for waterboarding, yet kills people w/drones without interrogating or even talking to them rather, before they are assassinated. He has conducted massive coverups over Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS radicalization policies to stop the grassroots growth of an opposition Tea Party and through it all has said he's outraged by each individual event and then does nothing.
    The USA is no more. We will have European style austerity here within one decade. The stock market is pumped with 90 billion per month from the Federal Reserve who now operate as a gigantic ponzi scheme that can nor ever intend to pay back the 17 trillion dollars in foreign debt. Obama has guaranteed socialism. If not directly by his policies, but simply for his inaction to curb spending and future entitlement obligations. It will ensure a massive devaluation, austerity, massive tax hikes which will essentially create a doctrine of total wealth redistribution in order for us to even make the interest payments on our debt. Every American should be making preparations for what's coming. If not, good luck to you.

  • We are becoming socialist.

    We could soon lose our right to bear arms. Security cameras are being installed everywhere. We've been distracted pretty good from this tyrannical plot. All the news (except Benghazi and the IRS scandal) recently has been about stupid things like JB's new single (common example). We are becoming a socialist nation. I named only a few.

  • Redistribution, removal of gun-rights, and dependence on Federal Government.

    Everything that he has passed has had something to do with redistribution of wealth (Obamacare, allowing food stamps for illegal immigrants, etc.). Mainly this is the focus of a communist society but the main difference is that a communism redistributes through the use of military force and dependence upon federal government. If you look at what has happened with the debate over gun-control you can see where this is beginning to take shape. Will he do it? No, but he is the one laying the foundation for the next democratic candidate to do so. He has a following of idiots who will do whatever he says and agree no matter whether he is right or wrong and whoever he endorses will be our next president. It's a choice, do you want to be free and have the right to chose your own destiny or let the government feed, clothe, and house you and sacrifice all of your freedoms?

  • It's What He Wants!

    That has been his plan all along. If you look at his track record, nearly everything he has done has been to push us toward becoming a socialist country. I don't know if he is doing it because he is some sort of idealist and thinks he can make it work where everyone is equal or if it is for other reasons, but either way, it isn't the place I thought I would be living and raising children. If it came to that, I would definitely leave. Until then, I will stay and continue to fight for less government, not more.

  • killing our country

    The president has a taken a well developed free-market country, and turned it into a socialist communist country. Not trying to say helping the people in need is a bad thing but why should you take stuff from the people who work hard for their stuff and give it to the lazy. Just because you dont have a job the goverment.... Or rather i say our president gives the hard workers/tax payer's money to them. The president is just adding more to his debt!!!!

  • Yes, Obama will turn the U.S. into a socialist country

    I strongly believe Obama will turn he U.S. into a socialist Country. This appears to of been his goal from the very beginning, and he was only waiting to get re elected to finally go through with it. I think it would be a very bad idea and won't improve the country.

  • Obama is a born socialist. Just as Mao Se Tung was a communist at heart.

    I am an immigrant due to the Vietnam War. I've lived a life of slavery in America- worked at swapmeet, no health insurance, poor nutrition, bad education in a drug infested neighborhood. But it wasn't till I reached 48 that I realize this truth- that my hard life is a result of my mother's natural inclinations. Her dream has always been to squat at the flea market because that is all she knows. You create your life story. Same with Obama- he created a government after his own heart- socialism. I may be poor, but I'm a poor capitalist. And that is better then being a socialist or one small step and America become communist. I have an incentive to work and put food on my table and pay my bills. I'm happy to do that. But when I get that letter from the IRS threatening me with penalties for not buying Obamacare , I feel RAGE. When I got sinus cancer from second hand smoke, I quickly bought catastrophic insurance for $90/ monthly. Obama offers me $683/ monthly insurance since they determin that I am self employed at the flea market- I am categorized as "entrepreneurial", hence rich. I never gave up my grandfathered policy insurance thank God. Many of my uncles who got baited by that "free" or low cost Obamacare ended up with sky high increases to their premiums. It started out almost free then turned into 500% to 1,000% rip off care. NO THANK YOU TO OBAMACARE. I trust capitalism even as a poor person.

  • Socialist countries have programs like Medicare for all.

    Socialist countries have programs like Medicare for all. Hello! Obamacare is just that!!
    There are too many people who want "the rich" to pay for everything. That's also a characteristic of socialism. To those people, I say get off your @$$ and live the American dream, and don't try to penalize those who have successfully done so. From sea to shining sea, democracy can prevail only with hard work. Earn what you get, get what you earn. That's it.

  • Not a slippery road

    Unfortunately, we've been headed that way for some time now. Ever since the depression, the left has been bringing this country closer and closer to a socialist state. Right now, you could say we're socialist in denial. Yes, there is still free enterprise, but it's practically controlled by the state. These laws they pass against big biz don't really hurt them. If anything, it helps them. This massive government regulation of the economy cripples small businesses and simply slaps big biz on the wrist. And nationalized healthcare, as nice as it sounds, would only make matters worse. Doctors, knowing that the patient won't have to pay, will make ridiculously expensive charges, which means the government pays more, they'll have to raise taxes, and then we'll pay more. All of this "government paying for us" is horse sh**. It comes out of our paychecks, which makes us more dependent on welfare, which will need more funding, which leads to higher taxes. The rich won't have to pay either. They have many legal methods of avoiding taxes. So ultimately, the little guy gets screwed. It's amazing how people think a larger, more oppressive gov't with more laws will solve the problem. And if we don't do anything to stop it, you better start getting used to saying comrade.

  • "A Rose by any other name..."

    The soviet union was Marxist socialism,
    The Nazis was National socialism,
    The United states has democratic socialism.
    The two first socialisms were known as communism, yet we defend the democratic socialism that Obama has brought upon us under the title of "democracy".
    Oh. Yes.... So VERY noble.

    You want to see what socialism does, look at greece, look at the soviet union, look at Italy under musselini, look at Germany (now and during WII), look at sweden, look at canada.
    They were and are being all destroyed by socialism.
    Are we not being destroyed by that such thing right now?
    National Economic debt at staggering heights,
    Poverty increasing at a national level,
    The middle class dissappearing into the poor,
    Races divided now more than ever since the civil rights era,
    The sexes divided and hateful of each other now more than ever,
    Riots broken out in the name of oppression and equality,
    The constant beat down and discrimination of white males,
    The prejudice of religion higher than ever,
    The nonstop "brainwashing" of young adults, my generation.

    My answer? He already has, and so will clinton.


  • He's turned the US into a liberal hellhole that thinks everything is racist

    He's incited riots by deceiving people into thinking the US is a "police state". He's tricked black people into thinking they are being targeted which is insane. He's also destroyed jobs and I can't get a job and have been trying for years.Illegal immigrants have taken a lot of jobs and the ones that haven't live off welfare. The government also wants to increase minimum wage which will lay people off and make it even harder for me or anyone to find a job.

  • Support our Freedom

    The Founding Fathers of this country made the Deceleration of Independence to show that will we not be controlled by tyranny and an unjust taxing system. If we as a country accept Socialism, we are disrespecting those who fought for freedom. So, yes I think Obama is making the United States of America Socialist, and I think the damage he did to this country can be reversed.

  • Giving up our own wealth and power to political entities by use of force; Yep, that's socialism!!!

    Funniest part is socialists can't see that political regulation enables greed; NOT the other way around... If all you have is McDonalds and everyone else is politically regulated out-of-business what the hell do you think is gonna stop the greedy at McDonalds from charging $15 billion for a happy meal????? Their abundance of government tax redistributing greed to more greedy people????

    Don't be morons. Our most socialist systems are our most crippling items. Why do you think health, education, and housing are peoples MOST EXPENSIVE items??? They all have socialistic regulations on them duh!!!!

  • Yes hes done it

    All it takes is to look back in history. And compare it with nazi Germany and what hitler did. Create a social health care, get the economy up in a better place( however at the end money was worth less). Same is going to happen in America with this depth.

  • Is the United States Moving Toward Socialism?

    According to Barbour and Wright (2015), capitalism is the economic system most familiar to Americans. They define capitalism as, “An economic system in which the market determines production, distribution, and price decision, and property is privately owned” (p. 7). On the other hand, they define a social democracy as, “A hybrid system combining a capitalist economy and a government that supports equality”. Although capitalism may have been the economic system of the United States fifty years ago, saying that it is a capitalist dominate country today is a slippery slope.

    The acceptance of socialism has never been greater than it is today. Even a recent PEW research study (2011) proves that 49 percent of people ages 18-29 believe that socialism is a positive thing. The United States is most certainly not a socialist nation, yet. However, the amount of evidence being gathered to disprove their pronounced capitalistic system has never been more compelling.

    In today’s economy, people are receiving an enormous amount of government support that promotes equality. The most recent and prominent example is the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare). Not only does Obamacare expand Medicare eligibility, it even helps people pay for their medical bills through the help of insurance companies. When the number of insured Americans approached 18 percent in fiscal year 2014, Obamacare introduced a plan that promoted equality and lowered it down to a steady 12.9 percent –translating to over 16 million Americans (Obamacare Facts, para. 1-24).

    Although Americans have recently been ‘saved’ by Obamacare, the move towards a social democracy –arguably even socialism—has been happening for a long time. In addition to Obamacare, the United States government has implemented welfare programs, Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance programs, and 602 other benefits that can be found on Besides the benefit programs, the move towards equality can even be exemplified through the recent Supreme Court ruling approving same-sex marriage. While changes like these changes are for the pursuit of happiness, most other changes are questionable when trying to ‘keep the republic’.

    Fifty years ago, the United States was a thriving capitalist nation that was guided by Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory. Slowly but surely, the government has been implementing government benefits and passing laws to promote equality for all people. Barbour and Wright (2015) were incorrect in their justification that the United States is a capitalist nation (p. 7). The United States is not just seeing a shift from capitalism into a social democracy, they are already there.


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  • It's already done.

    Sinple. We work hard so others don't have to. Everyone wants to be equal, but don't want to work for it. In the past years, the president has been pushing a socialist agenda In which a strong platform of his is bashing on the rich and upper class, telling them that they have to share their money with the poor. And that they are essentially scum for having money that they have earned. Capitalism in this country is on its way out fast, we give 30% of our hard earned living to support socialism and "income gap" theory. Similar to communism, except not everyone has to work. Again, we want to be "equal" like in communism, but people dont understand that if you don't work, you don't make as much money as people who do. All in all, its simple, of you want to make good money, you're going to have to work hard. Unfortunately the president doesn't understand this.

  • Free times gone

    We have a dictatorial leader, completely bypassing the safeguards to keep us a free, republic country. Is it too late to fix this without dipping farther into the socialism well? We, as a people, need to be more educated about how to stay free. I know i was not taught this as a trade or tool, but it will be the most important one in the near future.

  • The natural progress of things is for the government to gain ground and for liberty to yield." Thomas Jefferson

    The democratic republic, The United States of America, was the first of its kind. Freedom is hard to come by and hard to keep. It took 300 years of enlightenment before the USA could even happen. Up until the USA Monarchs and tyrants were the way of the world and still is today and many parts of the world. Remember George Orwell, in Animal Farm "everyone is equal just some are more equal than others". We speak of freedom but look around. The government will now regulate the Internet, health care, retirement. "You cannot have political freedom without economic freedom", Milton Friedman. For you communist, you will never see communism executed as it is intended, hence Animal Farm. Socialism is the Big Lie of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery. N a capitalist economy, incentives are of the utmost importance. Market prices, the profit-and-loss system of accounting, and private property rights provide an efficient, interrelated system of incentives to guide and direct economic behavior. Capitalism is based on the theory that incentives matter!

  • Cost of 'redistribution of wealth' (falling on shoulders of middle-class)!

    Many middle-class Americans can no longer afford healthcare but are paying higher taxes to finance 'free' medical coverage for minorities. In addition, unemployment is very high in this country. Yet an executive order which will allow MILLIONS of immigrants (and their extended family members) into the country, cripples Americans whom are already suffering financially. When immigrants arrive, they are unable to find employment so are forced to rely upon assistance programs. They need welfare, housing, utility assistance, WIC, childcare, Obama phones, food stamps, and mandatory healthcare coverage (none of which, they can afford). So, their basic living expenses fall upon the shoulders of middle-class, American tax-payers. This 'redistribution of wealth' is hurting us!

  • Of course!! Obama's nothing but a useless terrorist himself.

    Obama is destroying this country, hes nothing more than a Jihad who's working from the inside. I swear he's doing everything to this country he can to break it. Theres nothing he'd love more than for us to look like most of Europe, broke and all dependent on the government. Once all the citizens are dependent on the government for food,housing,clothing and everything else there wont be anyone left to fight this growing communism...

  • Same Old Leftist Playbook. New Bs, new rationalizations, same obfuscatory bs

    Its amazing that self reliant old school type achievers want to persist against the politically correct, socialist lemming sheep who undergird the Obozo nation. Why would one? Why would anyone still want to achieve, thrive and survive in an environment in which government in a non constitutional manner, continues to plunder the assets of do-ers and achievers, at gunpoint, to support an ever growing class of ne-er-do wells and social misfits in return for votes and power. At age 49, I might have been one of those misfits..I was newly divorced and had a small room and bath I rented from a friend . Beyond that , I had a broken down car, my few possessions, my education, and an underwhelming $400/wk gig . I was engaged to a lady destined to be a pharmacist and professor. Fast fwd 26 yrs and we, re about to retire as millionaires from after patiently growing a disciplined nest egg. If I did it, anyone can...If they have the will and desire

    Posted by: LRRP
  • Obamacare is the key to a welfare socalistic country

    Any of you shopped for health insurance? Did you see the prices? Once we are all in the system, it will slow take alway from those that have a little more, until the is no middle class. There will only be the rich and the people on a form of welfair. The elite, rich ruling class and socialism for the rest of us!

  • Why Aren't We Doing Anything?

    It is not soley Obama's fault that we are turning socialist. It is ours. Yes, Obama has been chipping away at our rights one by one since he was elected, but it is our fault for freaking re-electing the man that promised to cut our debt in half and instead tripled it. It is our fault, for being so short-sighted. We need to stop giving handouts, or people are going to stop actually striving for achievement but slack off. Oh wait-that already has started happening. It brings great sadness to me, especially as an underage citizen that cannot vote and had no say in either of Obama's election, that America, once known for freedom, equality, and capitalism, is heading down this path. I fear that if we do not act soon, we will have no chance at disassembling the atrocities that are continuing to be committed. Maybe it's too late. I am terrified of what kind of a world America will be when I am allowed to vote and have a family to raise of my own.

  • We are being brainwashed through propaganda

    The reason why nobody has stood up to all of this outrageous stuff is because the people are being bombarded by all of the propaganda. The "government" has done extensive research on propaganda since the fifties. So instead of getting away with everything they are doing, they can get away with it and everybody will either know about it and simply don't care, or are to closed minded to realize what is right in front of their face. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!

  • It already is one!

    And has been for several decades, regardless of who has been in office. We have an extremely deluted populous to a point where we think that we should have certain rights just as privileges and yet people still believe they're rights. We shouldn't have licences for for things like (personal, non-commercial) driving, marriage, or guns, but just a certification would be mandatory. Never mind getting into projects like Obamacare, as that idea should have been tossed in a heartbeat from the beginning of its proposal. We have been owned since 1913 (by the Federal Reserve) & we also had the income tax delevop at the same time, (that's an unlawful tax because it's against your will). The post office, roadways, military, police, & fire services are lawful & non-socialist because they are supposed to be part of the governments infestrcture & are also funded lawfully. (Sales & town property taxes are lawful). But public schools (they way they are today) are socialist because they have gone too far outside the criteria, as they are only supposed to teach how the government functions & (of course with that) basic reading/writing, & basic math. Anything else should be learned individually. Quite frankly, the whole western world has been falling into a pit of Marxist Socialism, But since 1913, our constitution has had its whole foundation striped from it. If we still had our constitution now, we should not have been in this mess. These are the 10 planks of Marxism in the nutshell (In 1848, Karl Marx really wrote this list): 1) Abolition of property to citizens &/or forcefully renting from gov't property 2) Income Tax 3) Abolition of inheritance rights 4) Confiscation of property from emigrants & rebels 5) A centralized &/ or state-run bank 6) State-affiliated communications & transportation 7) State-owned production industry 8) Equal labour (through suppression) 9) Combination of agriculture w/ the manufacturing industry. 10) Education (both current public & private systems).

  • Obama's White Socialist Grand Parents would be "PROUD"!

    Obama's Mother and especially his Communist Grandparents, that nurtured him during his impressionable puberty, would be proud of Obama's fast track dismantling of the key strengths of the slow and painful gains in trying to attain of Our founding Originators Dreams of achieving a viable and functioning Republic for ALL it's Citizens...

  • He is doing it as we breath.

    No argument just facts. He talk about a new order all the time--- wake up. The illegal children is the start of it that people can really see. No boarders is another. What about the tens of millions of starving children in America? Where are the jobs? Wake up before they take your retirement, private property rights and not to mention your guns and free speech,

  • Where will we be in 20 years?

    I believe immigration should be aloud in a responsible manor. People should contribute not take away. It seems what made America great with immigration will now turn america to socialistic society. In early 1900's immigrants made our country great with their culture, love of family and the importance of work. It used to be the American dream. Now its the free ride. As a country we cannot continue welfare, free education, free insurance in the manor it is today. Was this available in the 1900's. No immigrants worked their ass off and took pride in their work and they made sure their families were taken care of. Now with all the new illegal immigrants receiving all these free subsidies it is becoming generational as their kids also rely on this programs, As a business owner I can't find people to work. I had one employee who took the bus to work at 5am. He received free subsidies house, food, medical coverage. After a month of working he gave his pay stubs to welfare to show them he was working. He lost all his subsidies and become homeless. He told me he wanted to work but he had to quit because he had nowhere to live after losing his rental assistance. You should help the people who want to work not reward those who don't. These are now the future voters of america. So where are we headed?

  • My children are apparently not mine

    They lost me when they said we need to let go of the idea that our children do not belong to us but to society as a whole. HELL NO! You try to tell me that I am not responsible for the care and education of my children? You try to tell me that the government is more capable of doing and had more right to do those things than I? Um, anybody remember socialist Germany before the frigging second World War? Why are we not learning from the mistakes of the past? Why is everyone just laying down and taking this crap?

  • Progressive socialism- the frog in the pot

    I believe progressivism involves multigenerational planning and execution at several levels. Like the frog in a slowly warming pot, it is difficult to see the effects until well after the damage is done. Well placed politicians such as Obama emerge later in the sequence. We are not witnessing the beginning but rather the end game is approaching. History is forgotten and repeated with the same result. Isn't that a definition of insanity? Tyranny will be the result when men control other men. Words like socialism just warm the water...

  • It will take time but he is getting there

    It is the intent that matters most....Obama knows that in a far-right country like US , socialism cannot be achieved overnight....Only through slow reforms over an extended period of time can he achieve the socialist justice ....Much like the Fabian way of Europe.....But it still has along way to go....I hope Hillary takes over from him and continues the job.

  • Will he? Or has he?

    Obama has accomplished this already. The Affordable Care Act takes from the taxpayers to fund a goverment-run insurance "company." He also continues to institute a "sharing the wealth" idea in which he takes from the well-off and productive to give to the unproductive. The severe danger is that socialism does NOT work!!! We have seen it fail in Europe time and time again with numerous bankruptcies. The fact of the matter is that America is bankrupt now too. The government is unwilling to tell it citizens, but $17+ trillion in debt says otherwise. Spending is out of control on entitlements, not the military which the president wants to cut. America was established as a federal system to be able to effectively amass an army when needed, not entitlements and this other crap. I am downright disgusted with the path on which America is traveling.

  • The chain link fence is going up each day, more gov control less freedom!

    Once america starts sucking the free handouts for no accountability will it ever go away, will we ever be more self reliant or responsible? It is hard enough to get kids off media and video games, you know the ones living in mom and dads basement, giving free hand outs is ruining our people and our country! There needs to be an end and there needs to be work provided in exchange to get help, else it ends in ruin! As said in Mr. Incredible, once everyone is the same no one will be special!

  • Obama was raised by communists

    No doubt the fact he is pushing ppl to quit their jobs or work less hours to get obamacare is appalling. To swing a 2.5 million job loss as a good thing is pathetic...And that doesn't even include the business mandate fallout. Good luck America..God only knows if we can survive this tyrrant.

  • Look at the facts!!

    1. He's raising the debt
    2. Poverty is rising(still low, but rising)
    3. He's restricting religion in gov't and school
    4. He's attempted disarming us(forming a police state)
    5. And he's using health care in an attempt at control most aspects of our life!
    Everything's he has done is in an attempt to restrict us and increase his control on us. It's obvious he's attempting at making a more socialist gov't in the US..


    One judge decided that some internet providers should charge extra for big name websites. This is a terrible idea and not in the public interest. If this is the new thing for government and other judges to stand up and say what they think. Then we have a problem. The people are supposed to make decisions and judges are supposed to judge those divisions. If this becomes the norm for judges to put these laws in place, this country is going downhill. And it all started when the all great liberal god got elected. Thanks

  • Obama went too far

    First he took our right of baring arms which is the second amendment, then he is trying to make it so he can get in to office for another term. Now with the NSA I can handle them looking through suspects phone records but not the million other Americans that have their right to privacy. Our four founding fathers did not want our country to become like it has. In other countries who have turned into a socialist country has failed and most of the time had a negative outcome. So yes I believe that Obama is turning the U.S. into a socialist country.

  • Obama is ruining the country

    Barrack Obama is turning this country into a socialist state, with the many things he is doing while in office is small compared to the bigger picture, things like the Affordable care act are make us a uniformed people, taking things like health off of the free market and moving this country more toward a government ran economy one small step at a time, the previously enacted Patriot act is the beginning of the polic state rise to power, any Act that directly goes against our constitution is obsurd, it's a shame that the American people are so caught up living their lives in a society crafted by the hands of people in power, that we have all forgot what forged this country to begin, liberty is not in the top priorities of many people these day. Obama is an initiator of a socialist America , Keep electing democrats and see where this country will end. ~Libertarian

  • He is already in the process.

    With Obamacare, many of the American citizens are losing their health insurance. All who are opposed to Obama and his politics are targeted by the media as a terrible person, or a threat to America. Also, the distribution of wealth which Obama is in favor for causes the hardworking citizens to pay for the slackers and unemployed, allowing them to profit without working. It gives a lower incentive to work, which is partially why the unemployment rate is so insanely high.

  • He already has!

    Obama has methodically transformed the US into a Socialist State his four years and the next four years will just be perpetualisation of the last four. The people and groups who try to fight him are labeled as terrorists by politicians and the media and are targeted by the IRS, FBI, DHS, DOJ...Etc.

  • Middle Class Socialist

    With wages declining due to world competition, crony capitialism supported by the world one order governments, Americans being taught to spend rather than save, the undermining of the monetary system by the Federal Reserve, Progressive Social Movements, and 50 years of a failed public education system, America's young see no other option for them to live a decent life without receiving a handout from the government, which is wealth re-distribution. They are demanding it.

  • I truly wish he would:(

    First let me start off by saying I am a Communist and yes I live in the United States. Unfortunately, Obama is FAR from Socialism let alone Communism. To prove it he would have already destroyed the class warfare that continues to go on in this country. He is indeed one of the most progressive presidents this country has had in a LONG time and I would much rather have him than say that disgrace of a human named Bush, but he still represents the one thing I HATE about the United States...Capitalism!

  • No, Obama will not turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

    No, I don't believe that Obama will turn the U.S. into a Socialist country. There has been a push from the political right to name much of Obama's economic policies "Socialist" or "Communist", but in reality his policies have very little to do with Communism. The main support they have for this claim is Obamacare, but it isn't actually a Socialist plan by any means, it just helps the unfortunate who cannot afford healthcare get some.

  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems
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  • American Corporate socialism

    America is being run not by our government but by big corporation and they decide what laws are being made by buying off everyone not only at the federal level but on down to state and local levels mostly because for the love of money the greedy have completely forgot about their fellow Americans they could care less this goes for republicans and democrats alike. All bonuses , stock options and any perks should be done away with at all levels in any corporation . Let them live with just a fair and just fair hourly wage not salary and clock in so their presence is monitored also while at work.

  • Bernie Sanders Will

    No President Obama will not turn the country socialist. I think he should have, but without support from Congress he hasn't a chance. However if/ hopefully when Bernie Sanders is elected, he wants to ensure free public colleges, universal health care, and end massive wealth inequality. That is true socialism and it would almost certainly benefit our country hugely.

  • Um it's seems people don't know what they are saying

    Ummm this is a capitalist country guys.... I don't know where you getting this crazy untrue Information. The middle class is poor because of greed. Compared to other moder society's we are hella capitalist. Only the US and Papau New Guinea don't offer paid time off for moms. We still don't have universal health care which almost every other industrialized nation has. The rich have gotten richer and richer how is that socialism? Have you looked up its definition?

  • The Utopia of Socialism Must be Paid for by Somebody

    Free education, we have had Public Schools for a very long time. Paid for by the tax payers dollars who work!
    Free housing, we have Section 8 and many programs to put the poor into good neighborhoods and just pay what they can. Tax payer dollars pay for this.
    Free Food, we have in every city and town Free Food Banks, Food Stamps and Churches feed the poor, Soup kitchens programs run by donations, tax payer dollars and those who work.
    No parties arguing just one Central Government. Am I to believe that those people running the country will eat what we eat, educate their children where ours are educated, live in houses like we live, drive what we drive etc?
    Limited crime because everybody is happy. Really, just like that.

    Bottom line in Socialist countries the taxes are so steep that people have nothing left for themselves and are forced to use what the government supplies. They don't have the freedom to pick or choose and they can't change their lives for the better. They are stuck while those governing them live free as they have always done.

    As long as we have guns this won't happen.

  • You don't understand socialism....

    Socialism is a social and economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system. So, by definition, if we were pure capitalism, things like our streets, railways, bridges, etc would be privately owned, and we would only be able to afford education our parents got, and certain programs like SOCIAL security wouldn't be around. A successful democratic nation (America, England, Canada, etc) incorporates socialist and capitalist ideals where they work best. To say socialism is a "bad" or "evil" thing, is a unwarranted, unsupported claim, and you need to learn of the basis for the operation of the country. In short, if Obama did "socialize" the government, it's necessarily a bad thing.

  • American will not turn into a socialist country

    I wish he would because the UK is a socialist country and it is doing amazing along with many other countries.But it would be nice if it was a flexible socialist country.So health care could be given to you by the government if you had none.This in turn,would decrease mortality rates in the U.S and the less sick and hospitalized citizens the more people who can make a diffrence to solve economic problems

  • No, but I wish it was.

    Are you equally aware that this could be a sign of an upcoming fascist state, which is a side effect to Americas long term Capitalist nightmare. Both are authoritarian. Or secondly it could be that the countries people wants to go to socialism and the government are clinging onto the long term impossible working capitalism.

    Capitalism is every man for himself which does not work in the animal kingdom (Alphas in lions yes, but all others co-operate for the greater good).

  • Sadly no, but pray it does turn into a socialist country. (bounded by a constitution of course)

    Socialism if its used right can provide free housing and education AND food for everyone's tables. Its literal equality. No more parties and bickering. No corruption. A utopia were crime is limited because everyone is happy. If Obama does, I will welcome it with open arms. With the republican supremacy in Congress socialism will not take place. Sadly.
    If you want to see less people dying from hunger....Socialism helps.

  • Sadly no, but pray it does turn into a socialist country. (bounded by a constitution of course)

    Socialism if its used right can provide free housing and education AND food for everyone's tables. Its literal equality. No more parties and bickering. No corruption. A utopia were crime is limited because everyone is happy. If Obama does, I will welcome it with open arms. With the republican supremacy in Congress socialism will not take place. Sadly.
    If you want to see less people dying from hunger....Socialism helps.

  • America had always been this way.

    The first time and day that African Americans, Native Americans, Women, Jewish, etc. Had rights equal to that of the European Americans, the country turned socialist. By definition, socialism is when every body has equal opportunities . The United States started to be socialist in 1971 with the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • FDR Institutionalized Socialism Back in the 1930s

    FDR already did it with Social Security. The only way to control the cost of healthcare in a capitalist economy is to regulate cost. This is the ultimate goal of any regulatory price capping. This was done years ago with Medicare and Medicaid. If this hadn't been done, the U.S. Healthcare situation would be MUCH worse than it is currently.

  • Obama want's Capitalism and Socialism

    The United States has always been socialist in a way. We have taxes which is a socialistic practice. As
    a Capitalistic-Socialistic country, we need to balance the 2 so we may generate money in and
    distribute it to most if not every American. When everybody has money, people spend which keeps
    the economy going.

    Successful countries cannot be ran on capitalism and socialism alone. Countries such as Norway, Germany and Sweden have roughly a 60% socialistic, 40% capitalistic country. A good country uses capitalism to bring in the revenue and socialism to spread the revenue around the country. Capitalism and socialism are more successful together than they are individually ANY DAY!

  • No. The notion is absurd.

    Obama's policies are actually heavily market-based and capitalistic. He may be to the left of the GOP, but he is well to the right of any country that has a socialist government or even just a social democracy, like Sweden. The people who says he promotes socialism are people whose understanding of socialism is incredibly limited. Furthermore, he has been in office for four years and we have not turned into a socialist country yet.

  • no, he will not

    This is a scare campaign used against Obama during the elections and I don't believe there is any truth to the notion that that is what he has in mind. Universal health care has attempted by several administrations but never obtained until now. I don't know what the reasons are that people say this about Obama, but it seems a lot of people in America are interested in some sort of more equitable distribution of wealth, does that mean America is becoming socialist?

  • Obama is a corporatist

    Obama puts corporate interests above those of the middle class and average worker. And, even if he did promote social safety nets and socialized industries, that would mean he would turn it into a social democracy, which is still not a socialist country. Socialism is not when the government does stuff and that the more stuff they do the more socialist they are. Socialism is when the WORKERS own and manage the means of production, NOT the government. And, Obama would NEVER promote that!

  • No, Obama will not turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

    This country is not socialism and can't be. The people of the United States of America will not let this country be made into a socialist country. No socialist will make it to the 2016 presidential elections anyway. You guys really should look and the definition. It would help you.

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