• It will be fun.

    I think that Ocean's 8 will be a fun, enjoyable movie for those who have liked watching other movies in that series. I think that it's hard to beat the original Ocean's 11, but the star power behind Ocean's 8 and the fun storyline make it worth watching for me.

  • Ocean's 8: Full of Female Humor and Talent

    Eight females with unique talents should play out well under the direction of Steven Soderburgh. Soderburgh is the original director of Ocean's 11 and the audience should expect him to compel the same level of raucousness from the ladies as the gents in the previous series films. Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock are already stars and Helena Bonham Carter is twice nominated previously. While this film may not launch new awards, it will delight a variety of audience members.

  • Popcorn popping heist movie

    It appears that the sausage-fest that was the Ocean's series is getting a too-little, too late sequel called Ocean's 8 with an all-female cast. I see Hollywood's trend in remaking movies with all-female casts is now in full swing. While I do not have any problem with women, I see this trend backfiring when Apatow and his boys start to up the raunch and sexism again to offset the trend. Ocean's 8 will be entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.

  • Time for an original idea

    It gets a little tedious that the best movie plan we can come up with to retread used up ideas, change it to a female or minority cast and tout the diversity of the industry. We would be better entertained with a fresh idea then an attempt at reworking an theme that has been worked over for 60 years.

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