• Pollution will Kill Everyone

    Pollution will not just kill China but it will kill everyone in time. The issue is that it is going to still take hundreds to thousands of years for the full extent of this to be realized. So yes pollution will kill China it just won't be in any of our lifetimes.

  • Pollution can possibly kill China...and everyone.

    China has the biggest population within our planet, and therefore their influence on our ecological system is significant. However, our pollution problem cannot be individually assigned to China. Our global community needs to acknowledge this growing problem, and with acknowledgement, begin formulating new ways for our societies to function with minimal environmental damage.

  • Pollution wouldn't kill China as Pollution didn't kill any of the industrialized nations.

    China main area of pollution is that of its manufacturing centers. So that means there are plenty of area where it isn't effect by pollution. (i take inner Mongolia as an example) China has been engaging pollution problems all over China in the past decade and now. Pollution cause problems that leads to defects and indirect deaths over usually after decades of exposure. Meaning it increase of the chance of death over a long period of time. Like tobacco. As horrible as it sounds, there are so many Chinese in China alone that the chances of a genocide caused by pollution is impossible.

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