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  • It might take a while

    PV Sindhu is most likely already a household name in India, and I'm sure she is popular in many households across the world with Indian inhabitants, but I'm not sure if she will become super popular in North America. This is partly because North Americans aren't as interested in Badminton as they are in track and field events, for example.

  • Doubtful that PV Sindhu will be a household name.

    While she definitely is deserving of recognition for her achievements as a badminton player it is unlikely PV Sindhu will hold the fame and notoriety of some other Olympians. Of the many Olympic medalists few achieve true fame and even those who do are not necessarily household names. Despite her meddling and being the first Indian woman to do so in her sport, badminton is not as high profile a sport as gymnastics or swimming and the badminton players therefore receive less coverage.

  • No, not everywher.

    PV Sindhu apparently accomplished something amazing, but I have not heard of this person and I follow the news and current events very closely. This is an indication that the news has not spread everywhere and PV Sindhu's accomplishments are likely to be limited in notoriety to a particular region of the world.

  • Read this question in six months and you'll ask "Who?"

    Every couple years during the Olympics there's a great athlete or performance that everybody seems to be talking about, and this cycle is no different. But unlike professional sports that are always at the forefront of our minds, Olympic athletes only compete every four years, and rarely do we see people make it to multiple games in the first place. Sindu will just be another forgotten athlete by the time the next thing comes out that distracts us all.

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